I struggle with jealousy

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by PrinceOtaku, Jun 11, 2019.

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    Hey yall its ya boy back again with another topic! Yea as the title suggest I struggle with jealousy. Im pretty okay with being a loner and single and Im confident about myself(sometimes) but apart of me still gets really angry and jealousy when I see dudes with their girlfriends. Even when I see post on this forum or on reddit mentioning their girlfriends apart fire lights up inside of me. Every time I feel like Im a piece of shit and Im not desired by the opposite sex even tho I think Im handsome af. Im on a 90 day plus streak just had a wet dream recently but I'm still struggling with this emotion. Idk guys I've been self improving, its been okay so far, I guess I need to get my finances. up and relocate to a different/ bigger city.
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    I know exactly what you mean as I have been experiencing that feeling myself many times over during the past 13-15 years and as hard as it might sound, feeling envy and jealousy in these situations (or any other for that matter) will only give you back jealousy and envy in return. Try to feel happy for them or at least not envious or jealous because that won't bring you any good in return. It will make you feel a lot lighter and less tense on the inside as well.
    You also have to consider that not even half of those relationships that catch your eye are as good as they might seem. Simply because the people entering them do so due to fear of loneliness and a strong desire of approval and attention.
    You will notice how weakened their mind and soul really are (due to this feeling of lack, scarcity and fear they have) when that relationship ends. Many of them simply freak out and fall victims to their emotions and hence all kinds of escapism-behaviors because they never spent some serious time for personal development at all. If you have been undergoing some serious personal development and are living life at higher level of consciousness, such events simply won't be that crippling anymore.
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    Loving-kindness meditation (also known as metta meditation) is supposed to be good for reducing jealous feelings.
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    Hey man,

    I sometimes get the same issue but then I stop straight away because I think to myself don't I want the same happiness too? If so why should I not want someone else to be happy? Happiness is not mutually exclusive and I know I will find the right girl for me someday.

    My issue is probably worse than yours because I'm a few years older and all my closest friends are married.

    Also you have no idea how happy or sad someone is behind closed doors so don't assume just being with a girl will make you happy. I would recommend reading the partner support section and you will want to cry because some of the struggles people are going through in their relationships are heart breaking.

    hope that helps.
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    Stop being jealous. It will destroy your relationship :)
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    I just look the other way.
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    Nice put! Where can I find that section. Is there a link? Thanks

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    Turn that feeling of jealousy into admiration, and realize that some aspect of what they have is something that you want, and can probably acquire if you work at it.
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    Loving-kindness meditation (also known as metta meditation) is supposed to be good for reducing jealous feelings.

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