I think flatline is bullshit. What do you think?

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Deleted Account, Mar 29, 2021.

  1. Hey.
    I just wanted to hear someone's opinion on this. This is what I think. Not saying it's true.
    I've had big streaks. 37 days, 30+ days like 2 more times, 50 something days, 169 days and now I'm on day 144 I think. Well, while on 169 day streak I thought I was on flatline but I quickly realized that it was just lack of exercise, sleep and because of healthy diet and eating before sleep.
    So all in all - I've never experienced it. Could this be true that flatline is actually bullshit?
    Talking about so called reboot. I feel like I've gone through it. My mindset seems to be absolutely different, brain - much more clear now. So I think I got over the point where flatline or some P.A.W.S bullshit can do something to me.
  2. ElSabio

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    Maybe you are past that because of so many previous long streaks. I definitely experienced a flatline with absolutely zero libido and some hopelessness but it was not as long lasting as some guys'.
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  3. skybrowser

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    I have experienced it, but I think that not being able to go to many places and seeing friends during the lockdown also contributed to it.
  4. OhWhenThe

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    What is it with people who think just because they experienced things differently that other people must be making it up?

    I experienced flatline before I even knew what it was, I didn't know that withdrawal from porn was a thing. I wondered why the hell am I feeling so incredibly depressed, anxious, hopeless, irritable etc all of a sudden, that's how I even found the site so it's not like you can accuse me of reading about these things first and putting them in my mind. Some people get it worse than others, some don't at all, if that's the case with you then count yourself lucky.
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  5. Upwards2020

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    It is bullshit

    Libido is there your just not watching porn to hyper stimulate...... wait til you get with someone and the mood is right..... flatline yea right

    It's called "normal"

    Once you start having sex regularly it increases .... that's how libido works .... it can be stimulated

    I think guys have it right that it is lower but not in the correct context....

    It will also fluctuate naturally..... so guys should really stop the fixation about flatline time period.... it doesn't work like that and you have more control over it than you think

    Flatline load of bollocks

    Sleep well eat well exercise and adapt to real life libido will be there .... stop fixating

    If it's really an issue probably lose some weight and lower oestrogen and raise testosterone
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