i think i became autoginephiliac

Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by alex4242, Dec 8, 2020.

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    I'll tell the short version o the story, but when i started looking at shemale porn i was with a lot of shemmales, and after that, that kind of porn was kind of boring, so i turned to crosdressing, and started doing it in secret. Buying, purging, the whole cycle.
    Afterwards I got into this hypnosis sissy feminization videos that are like crack.
    The thing is for about a year I started doing it a lot more, I got an instagram account and all (and i think i look hot, i get lot of messages).
    So, here is when it strts becoming interesting. Up until that point i never had a problem with performing with a girl, in fact the opossite. But i broke up with my girlfriend and i started doing lot o cocaine, watching this hipnos videos, going on grindr with mi pics trying to make men horny for me (at least i never did anything more than that.)
    y experimented with a guy, toys in my anus (some do feel nice).
    I ¡f looks fine, if i'm happy what's the problem

    I then stopped my cocaine addiction and got together with a couple of tider dates. I's been a year since i've had sex so i'm anxious.
    Mi dick was undepreforming, could'n get hard enough. bad place.

    And back to the present, i reunited for a week with mi ex. I find her hottt, i has a perfect body. and the first time that we had sex i started with mild erection but then i got relaxed and ended fucking her 4 times and one in the morning.

    But the next day we met we tried again but i was nervous and i could not get exited enough, and that happened one more time.

    So mi fetish is crossdressing and i have this compulsion of trying to get fucked with a guy full in dress. the thought of me being the gil makes me horny, but i tried that in anotheer ocasion with a friend but it wasn't my thing.

    I've read about autoginephilia.
    I want to start doing NoFap but i just cant stop masturbating. I tried without porn but i still have those fantasies of being fucked, So i dont know what to do really.

    HAs anyone a similar story, has rebooting clmed that. I just want to be able to fuck a girl.
    If i like crossdressing as a part of my life im fine qith that but im strting to think they are connected.

    So any help is welcomed
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    I had a very similar story to you. If you go to my profile and then to the "Information" page, you can find it titled "Am I a Sissy?". I'm sure you will find it helpful and encouraging.

    Whatever fetish or urges you think have been induced by porn can be reversed. Nothing about how you are or what you've done dictates how you will live your life from this moment on. Just understand what's happening to you, make a plan for recovery, and then do it.
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    I used to crave dick pretty badly, lost interest in women, tried noPMO on and off for a few years with zero progress then decided to quit easy things that give too much dopamine such as video games, memes, video compilations, tv series, etc. Did it one at a time over a few months. No change but after I've quit porn, a dozen fetishes just disappeared in a few weeks. Not all but this one yes. I think I only have 2 fetishes left and not even sure I want them gone...
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    My problem is that i can go some days without masturbating, and more days without porn. But after like 5 days i cannot take it anymore and masturbate. This weekend i was alone because of quarabtine and i tried to masturbate to anything, and its like i cannot get hard with porn anymore. Not even the sissy ones made a difference. Still i had a zopiclone and smoked weed so maybe that was the issue. But k took a step. I deleted my scruff account, and stopped logging to my crossdressing instagram account. Last time i masturbated to the sissy porn hypnos i felt dirty and that was it form me.
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    The first 2-3 weeks are the hardest, but it gets a lot easier after that. I remember one day I literally had hallucinations and had to lie on my living room couch in front of all my housemates in order to not PMO because my mind was craving PMO so bad.

    Just get over the first hump and it gets a lot better

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