I think I have permanently damaged my penis.

Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by Daredevil99, Feb 14, 2021.

  1. Daredevil99

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    If you are reading this it may be enough to put you off over masturbating.. so please read or help if possible as I still don't know if its curable. Cut a long story short I developed a dip like a curv on the right side of my penis so like an inward curv it's no longer straight and this is basically how my penis is now. I went to the docs and they ruled out it being Peyronie's disease, this doctor didn't seem to knowledgeable on this topic mind. It's caused me huge anxiety and stress and I am still struggling to cut off porn after 6 years of an addiction, this issue with the dip in the side has made me lose nearly all confidence for hook ups or dating. I am so worried
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    I mean if it’s any consolation many guys (such as myself) have a slight curve or bend in their penis naturally and it doesn’t affect sex or put anyone off. Since this is something you’ve done as a result of porn addiction you may want to keep researching to see if anyone else has had the same thing happen to them and if it’s something to worry about.
  3. Whats your age ? Was it curved when you masturbated for the first time. If it was not and you are in your teenage then is guess youre penis is developing.
    So many people has a bend penis.
    Is there any pain when you get erection or when you have sex ?
  4. Daredevil99

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    I'm 25 and it happened just over a year back had sex with one person as lost confident due to it, I used viagra just incase I was too stressed, it was OK but it just feels abit uncomfortable masturbating or getting an erection sometimes, it's not like a full on curve it's basically normal.. then if I get an election I have a semi circle shape dip in the side of it at the top right part , it used to be fully straight when erect
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    Some dicks have curves to them. It doesn't mean anything is wrong. Unless it's painful or at a right angle or something, it's a cosmetic issue, not a medical one.

    Take a deep breath, most likely your dick is fine. No different than a woman who thinks her labia lips are "wrong" for being too big or small or her tits being lopsided.

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