i think i have social anxiety/depression

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  1. I do not like to being around people. I avoid large groups, parties and clubs. At work, i only be social when i really have to. I work in a restaurant. I have only two friends that i know for years. The reason i am such good friends with them is because the dont like bars and going out either which i like. I have many periods where i feel extremely down, like i just want to sit and to do nothing,where as my mind is filled with negative emotions: 'i am ugly, girls dont like me, poeple talk behind my back, poeple dont respect me, people make fun of me, poeple ignore me, they dont care about me'. I feel mostly as a ghost walking down the memory lane. I only sit on me laptop all day, sometimes going to friends. I have trouble looking poeple into the eyes. i cant laugh about any of them jokes... Poeple ask me 'why dont you want to go to that party?' And than i dont know the answer myselfes. I am a super introverted dude, so there you go. Only smoking pot and listening to music while i am all alone or taking a long walk in the middle of the night or working out seems to make me somewhat happy. Afther that i just feel sad and depressed. I do not really have a purpose to live for... like i am some empty shelll... The only thing i am really good at is making websites. On the streets i ignore large groups of poeple. When some kids yell at me at the street i simply ignore them and go home. Some times often times i get into fight with my mom. I feel i am not existing not being understood respected etc....

    What the hell should i do...
  2. What do you want your life to be like?
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  3. Job money and being worries free and happy wothba place ofmmy. Own
  4. What are you doing to bring this about?
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    Inspired_2_Rewire - I feel the same as you bro, I wish I had an answer for you and for me but I believe only we deep down know the answer to solving our problems and nobody on here will be able to help us.. I smoke way too much weed and I although I think I enjoy it, I only really enjoy it when I smoke occasionally rather than having to rely on it all the time.. as soon as I smoke I can feel anxious so I don't think this helps. Do you meditate?
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  6. Yes i do
  7. Wel. For now only working a lot
  8. The more specific you are about what you want and what you are doing the easier it will be to make change.
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    One day at a time. There is not much empathy for people like us and we can and have to want to stop this addiction for us first. Once stopped for awhile, engage in talking to people and go from there. Little steps. I'm 50 and to stop wankin' is life. It makes it a whole lot better anyway.
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  10. I. Have not really figerd it all out what i want and wjat my purpose is
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  11. That is the one thing in life you don't really get a choice about. Like it or not, you choose what you do, even if you don't understand why you do it.
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    I don't know how much weed you smoke, but as someone who was a daily weed smoker for nearly a decade I can say that after awhile weed doesn't calm you down or make you feel better. If you abuse it, it can make you even more anxious than you would be without it.

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