I think I'm in love.

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  1. I'm feeling an emotion I've never felt before and this girl is very special to me. She's all I think about now and everyday she's on my mind. Its a great feeling and I'm feeling it even more today even though we didn't talk much recently. I never knew I could feel this way about someone. She is going out of town this week so we won't be hanging out for awhile but I'm gonna tell her how I feel.
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    Good luck man! I hope all goes well for you.
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    Your first love is the most amazing one ever for sure!
  4. I actually think I'm gonna lay off telling her how I feel. It's probably dumb but I read an article about telling a girl how you feel about her early on in a relationship and I'm reconsidering. Yea we both like each other and we have talked and hung out but I would honestly rather tell her in person. As much as I'd like to tell her now, I would rather not express it through text but face to face. I'm also curious as to if she'll make eye contact with me more because on our first date she was more nervous than I was lol. But preferably I would want to tell her in person. Bad thing is she is away and we can't meet up. So should I be patient or should I just tell her?
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    Wait. She's probably anticipating it too if you wait you make it way more special and way more deep.
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    And whenever you decide to do this, absolutely do NOT do it by text. This is definitely something that needs to be done in person. Trust me.
  8. I didn't go too deep into it, I told her I like her more and I was nervous the first time and that's it. I keep imagining us on a real date. Sometimes texting becomes dry and repetitive and I would
    Have more to say in person. Sadly we can't meet right now so I text her but not too much. I keep it at and every-other day type of pace. Sometimes our text convos have an awkward silence because Im thinking of something to say hahaha. Just today we talked about our likes and other things about ourselves. I'm leading her on with these texts so when we meet up again there will be more chemistry between us since our first date, which is a good thing.
  9. @LTMBB You fell in "love" with a girl you had only one date with? Ain't no frickin' love, kiss my ass. Not saying it does not feel good and is not exciting, and real to you. Have fun, sure. But be realistic man. Don't blow it up too hard or it will pop right in your face. Lust, desire, attachment, mild addiction, hormones, etc. Crush! Yep, a crush; more accurate term... not a frickin' love...
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    Do not tell how how you feel. LOL. Too early in your case.
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  11. You can love your family, pet, job. You can love anything. The love I have for her is special because of who she is and who I am. She's the first girl I've been this close with outside of my family. Yeah we only hugged once, and we text more than we see each other now. It's just the beauty of how everything is flowing, that's how I feel and I'm
    Just going with the flow because I wouldn't have gotten this far if I didn't speak up. I don't plan to lose her and she really likes me and I like her, so I really think I have a chance. Though, crush is a less scarier term than love, but love doesn't always have to be about sex and lust for another person. But for you, I will call her my crush. Also I really appreciate the feedback because I'm still new to this, but I will just continue to be myself.
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    Oh as for texting. Keep that to a minimum too. Don't over do it. Trust me on this. That over texting can ruin everything. Can really kill the mood and sooner or later you are going to be mentally and emotionally drained. And so will she. If you do text make sure it is two to three sentences and no more! LOL. After a recent disaster on my end I learned that texting is a whole new kind of art form to master. Just that I had to learn it the hard way. School of Hard Knocks always knockin' at the door.
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  13. Yea im passed that now, I just never felt that way before so my first thought to describe it was love lol. I was literally feeling like a different person, I'm still feeling a little weird. Most of my life I've been a mysterious guy who didn't talk to girls in an expressive way. This is my first time getting into a serious relationship with a girl I like. Anyway I'm not gonna use the Internet to help me, I'm feeling comfortable enough to do it on my own, because I'm me.
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    The first cut is the deepest... someone should write a song about that ^.^
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    You know you're in love when you look at her and think "if she was a quadriplegic I would gladly wash her ass for the rest of our lives. Hell I would feel honored to do it."
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    Rising from that first cut brings you closer to being unbreakable. It is a rite of passage.
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  17. I think that the reason that a few people have said that you aren't "in love" with this girl is that you don't really know her. I'm not saying this to be mean or to patronize your feels, you just really don't really know her yet if you've only been on one date. If you can say that you still feel the same way about her once you two have been through some rough patches, especially some testing arguments or something traumatic like a death of someone close to either of you. Then, you can say that you sufficiently know her. Love is about seeing someone at their very worst. What's the worst thing she's said or done in your presence?

    Now, that doesn't mean that you getting the feels is silly and doesn't have any merit. That's great! Good for you, you have chemistry with this girl. Seriously though, what is her deepest fear? What is she most passionate about? What's the most traumatic thing that's ever happened to her? What is the status of her relationship with her parents, her closest family members and her best friends? What does she most love about herself? What does she wish that she could change about herself?

    Can you answer all of those questions thoroughly and without reticence? Be honest with yourself here, man. I've been there, thinking that chemistry and connection is love. It's not fair to her or to you to make that assessment so soon. Give each other time to grow and to face life together before you really make such an important declaration. It sounds like you told her that you are feeling very strongly about her. Keep doing that, let her know that you want to get to know her better. This is so much better than saying you love her.

    Trust me, a woman will not believe that you love her so early on. A girl might because she doesn't know any better. She hasn't experience a boy breaking her heart by telling her that he loves her too soon. She hasn't experienced a boy realizing that he doesn't love her once he really gets to know her deeply.

    Learning that love isn't just a feeling is one of the few rites of passage left. You may feel a certain way now, but you will feel different. That's just science, feelings fade. And once those feelings fade, will you stand by this woman and support what she stands for? THAT is love.

    I wish you well! Keep getting to know her, that's the beginning. :)
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    Sheryl crow sang a song in 2005 "the first cut is the deepest" was my reference :p
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    I know the feeling mate. I've been fairly socially isolated most of my life and the first time I really felt for someone in something more than a friend or family way I was like "woah, is this what love is?" It was the first time there was a person who I actually looked forward to seeing. The first time I missed a person when they weren't around, that I thought about them without any context or prompting.

    But like you I kind of mellowed and pulled myself back and recognised it for what it was; a crush. And that's lovely. Crushes are great, they're fun, exciting, a little bit nerve-wracking. I think we're both probably romantics, probably a little starved for affection too, (by which I mean giving and receiving affection.) Hotshot mentioned Sheryl Crowe, I'm going to go with Elvis and suggest "Only Fools Rush In".
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