I think my boyfriend is a PA but i dont know how to ask him

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    We are living together from 9 months and Ive seen his phone history few time and he was watching porn, one of the times he was at work, probably watching it in the toilet. I dont know how often he watches p, but last night He didn’t come to bed with me, he stayed on the sofa and i thought maybe he’s watching it again. Today I bluffed him that i know he was watching p last night and he admitted it. our sex live is bad. We have sex one two times in a week when we are still new couple and now we are supposed to have sex all the time. Seems like He just doesn’t need sex and hes not attracted sexually to me. He loves me deeply but he doesn’t want to touch me. Even sometimes when we have sex i think that hes doing it like on duty because he doesn’t want me to think that hes not attracked to me. Also he has electing problems half of the times. I don’t know what to do and what to say to him. But one thing i know for sure. I read a lot of the stories of wifes of PA here and i feel so sad for them, i dont want to live this life. Tell me what to do.
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    Probably is a PA. All you can do is help him out and try to talk to him. He will probably get defensive so give him some stuff to read and process on his own.
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