I think Reddit should be in my blacklist in order to move forward

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by fishfoody, Aug 16, 2021.

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    The porn corners in reddit is the dangerous part for us who commit to quit the addiction. I hate to see the fact that if you have access to reddit, you will also have access to NSFW subreddits. This makes Reddit to be categorized as Mixed Website in many porn filtering software solution.
    If you set CleanBrowsing DNS on your router or computer network setting, it will block you from accessing reddit because it is categorized as Mixed Content: A content that is normally fine but can contain porn in it.

    I don't like to use Reddit and have been away for a while. The amount of hive minds in there is alarming. You will get downvoted to oblivion if you are different or have opinions that against whatever subreddit you are following to.

    Reddit is also promoting addiction with its gold and coin system, much more like what you see in candy crush. It is designed to make you spend more time on that website by giving you fake rewards.

    And Reddit is purposely makes it difficult for you to quit or delete your account because when you decide to nuke it, all of your posts and comments won't be deleted automatically. You have to delete them one by one. I don't know why the developers made it like a huge chores just to delete your account.

    Because of these reasons and many more, I decided to block it by blacklisting the website URL on my Ublock origin. I can still access it but at least I will remember why I block it in the first place.

    Since I quit reddit, I often visit this forum. I think nofap forum is a healthy community and promote healthy group discussion, unlike reddit which is full of karma diggers and self proclaiming experts on anything
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    I do not think Reddit is a healthy social media site. Most of the users there appear to waste a lot of their time arguing and spreading negative energy that is bad for one's soul. From my own experience, Reddit has a user base that consists of individuals that lean to a specific side of the political spectrum, resulting in an echo chamber. Anyone who shares a different opinion immediately gets insulted, censored, and downvoted to oblivion.
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    i remember a thread here where @fellacious(RIP) defended a sissy by saying there is nothing wrong with watching shemale porn or being attracted to trans and literally the whole thread were onto him insulting/ridiculing him.
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    I used to use Reddit, but it got way too toxic and a lot of propaganda on there.
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    That's why Reddit has a sub called r/TheoryOfReddit so people can post theories about what Reddit really is.
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    Does anybody remember how horrendous r/movies, r/cringe, r/coronavirus, and r/politic were? A bunch of idiots on those subreddits were in denial about anything and they will still downvote you for no reason, and that's why Reddit fucking sucks.
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    I almost forgot one thing about Reddit. Does anybody get tired of seeing a thing like this:

    EDIT: Thanks for the gold, kind stranger!

    Ugh, I hate those types.:emoji_rolling_eyes:
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    Woah thanks for all the da UPDOOTS

    You won the internet for today !!! : O
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    A new thread after a long absence and here we are, someone on Reddit has a common sense.

    Do people just down vote new post on sight or is this Reddit vote fudging?

    Yep, downvoting new posts and comments on sight is like bullying and abusing.
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  12. I've put a Cold Turkey block on Reddit and YouTube for 4 years.
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    Not really. It's pretty much Reddit as a whole, and every subreddit has bad members. Do your research.
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    reddit & twitter are bad news for me. I suppose facebook too. i wish that they had more strict control over the content. i think flickr changed its policy about adult stuf. i dont have accounts. basically social media can trip you up at any time
  17. Reddit and Twitter, most crappiest sites, with their propaganda,
    YouTube becomes more toxic everyday, but its fine.
    Facebook ,never used
    Instagram is a wormhole, sucks, gives you depression
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    The only thing I like about Reddit is subs where I can hold a stake in . Like DIY projects or progress in hobbies and it can be very beneficial for the information you can learn . And also to speak to like minded people . Some posts can be very funny . So there will be aspects of Reddit I would miss but realistically it's a huge trigger . And depending on what mood you are in it can negatively effect it further . I don't want to hear about a tonne of nsfw when I'm not in the mood and single that Shira just depressing and eventually leads to relapse
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