I think Reddit should be in my blacklist in order to move forward

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by fishfoody, Aug 16, 2021.

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    If it happened on reddit, all of his posts would get automatically hidden by the downvote system and then he'd get banned (posting an unpopular opinion automatically equals trolling).

    Sometimes the mod team on here makes questionable decisions but the "mob censorship" setup on reddit is worse in my opinion.
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    I have only recently been working in web development. I'm a real newb, but from my previous profession, I am great at designing and programming material/information, so I view sites through this lens. Reddit is a bit crackheady. Recently I talked about my addiction problems to a friend and mentioned that I am involved in the community of our beloved site here. They were like, "yeah, but isn't that just reddit?" No. It's definitely not. There's something to be said for old school forum sites where one signs up and the site itself doesn't promote other avenues of the internet and just keeps you within the given site's focus.
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  5. You will feel so much better man
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    this is soooo true. and unfortunately i am guilty of being that way. but i dont want to! I feel bad, i want to have integrity and integrity means "acting the same way whether or not someone is watching"
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    i feel the same way about this app called discord. dont try it, its a cesspool of toxicity, weird people, and encourages bad behavior, cam girls selling, and other stuff due to lack of accountability and anonymity. im guilty of being sucked in, and realize i need to be free from it. its bringing me down
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    Never got into the Reddit thing, fortunately it seems. Sometimes, when I do a search to trouble shoot an issue on say my computer or care I'll be taken to a reddit thread. In that sense I can see it being helpful. Thankfully I never built the habit of wandering outside those specific threads.

    Thank you for bringing this to my attention. If I ever had a child I'll consider using CleanBrowsing. Currently I'm using OpenDNS. I believe I'm just below the medium filter setting with some specific domains blacklisted. Perhaps I'll up the filter.

    A big desire I have is to overcome my anonymity. An anonymous forum such as NoFap is a great help in recovery. To truly recover I can see the advantage of bringing my secrets forward. Talking publicly about my porn travels is not something I want to do without caution. Some things I may never say publicly, but if I can do so I can see it being a great benefit to others. I do not mean going on TV or having a YouTube channel. Something lower key. Simply being able to talk about it in conversation.
  9. I just deleted my account today.
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    True, but unlike reddit, discord is a group based app, which means you're in control of what you're viewing. There's truly good groups in it, and the horrible ones consists of mostly kids, if you don't agree or feel good about a group, you can simply leave it, and never bother with it again

    I've used discord, it's truly a good communication application, you just have to dig deeper do find the real gold.
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    Aside from the many times I've used it for porn, I usually only use Reddit for things like technical help or stuff like that. Like, if I'm having issues with a game I'm playing or something, the first thing I do is check if there's a Reddit page for it where I can ask for help. Aside from that, I really don't use Reddit.
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    Reddit isn't helpful as it used to be, and it became a downvote pit whatever question you ask about a video game and such. I once posted a thread on r/solotravel about how much a budget I need for Romania, and then they downvoted me and I was told I need less than $7,500 for 2-3 weeks of a round or solo trip. Honestly, I believe I got downvoted for what I've said about money.

    It's been like almost a year I stopped using Reddit and damn, I hate the way people talks. I just couldn't stand it anymore.

    EDIT: No, I deleted my second Reddit account in August 2021, not the first account I had for almost 5 years.
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    If you think something will help you recover better, by all means do it.
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    Reddit is just an overly-censored PC hivemind that is filled with motherfuckers whose "experience" is all based on shit they read on the fucking internet. These morons act like experts on shit they have never done before. So much motherfucking propaganda on Reddit.:emoji_rolling_eyes:
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    I never used reddit on a daily basis, but whenever I visit the site I'm baffled by the amount of "removed by moderator" comments + the low quality information
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  17. As a former "Redditor" I strongly agree with that, no good person with a moral compass should ever use Reddit.
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    I think it's extremely stupid how a website like Reddit is built against newcomers. Like openly. There's no attempt to hide it, and Reddit is pretty good at that. Until you join Reddit, you had no idea the level of toxicity that exists on the internet.
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    At this rate might as well just throw out the computer you know?
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    If I could, I would. Life would be much easier.

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