I think that this method work for me.

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Mecagoentodo, Oct 9, 2014.

  1. Mecagoentodo

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    First of all I would like to say that I do not write well in English, so please excuse the mistakes.

    I think a good method to combat masturbation is NOT fight it ...

    I mean the reason why we masturbate is because we THINK it.

    Niesztche said that a sick person should be avoided under any aspect resentment or frustration by not healing. The frustration takes away power, fight the same frustration or resentiment weakens us.

    Frustration fight is not to fight against the problem. We fail the objective if we fight so.
  2. ADC

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    So what do you do when urges come ? Do you relapse ?
    I'm not saying that this method doesn't work, you seem to be already on Day 7 so I must be wrong, at least with you. :D
    But IMO if you are not prepared to fight, you're going to have a bad time when withdrawals hit you. (at least if you are addicted just as I am/was). This is not a habit I want to break. This is 10 years of brain conditioning I have to change...
  3. Techiyew

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    so you just dont think of it
    please explain it more
  4. IWantABetterLife22

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    I think I know what you're saying. If you think about not masturbating or not looking at porn, you're still thinking about it. And if you're thinking about it, you could relapse.

    I agree with Abel, beating this takes being brutal with yourself. It's not a walk in the park.
  5. Mecagoentodo

    Mecagoentodo Fapstronaut

    Okay thanks for the replies.

    * What I say is just my opinion. Not Necessarily Have to be useful to you.

    I do not mean to be necessary relapse. To which I mean is that we should not go for our enemy (PMO) but let our enemy who comes looking for us. Urges are always going to appear but have no need to occur if we do not "call" them.

    we have to let the enemy come to us ...

    When the enemy comes to us we must fight not before.
  6. Crithic

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    I totally agree
  7. active.monkey

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    I somewhat agree with Mecagoentodo. IMO 'Do not fight' means do not try to fight your thoughts, just watch them as they are (or ignore them like an unwanted guest), without indulging in PMO and you will come to know that these thoughts are not you, you will realize that it is your choice to indulge in PMO or not when such thoughts strike..

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