I think this device could help me quit PMO for good

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    I wanted to make this post to share this with anyone else who thinks this could help them and I hope that it does. So I remember one night when I was watching the TV show Shark Tank that these guys went on the show to pitch their idea for a jar that had a time release lock. You set the timer on the jar and the jar cannot be opened until the timer runs out, the only way to open it sooner is by destroying the jar itself. When I saw that, I immediately thought that would be great for quitting PMO because I still live at home and I could lock my phone in it when no one’s around and only have access to it when my parents are around so I can’t PMO.

    But the problem was that I still had my laptop and that obviously won’t fit in a jar, so I felt that I would just fall back on that if my phone is locked up. Well I just recently found this time release padlock over on Wish.com that cannot be unlocked until the timer runs out. So I’m gonna do what I described above, but lock both my phone and laptop in my backpack with this lock. I think this could finally help me quit PMO and it might be worth a try to anyone else who doesn’t live alone and is struggling to quit. https://www.wish.com/product/5d53adc9bd840854e33e82f1?from_ad=goog_shopping&_display_country_code=US&_force_currency_code=USD&pid=googleadwords_int&c={campaignId}&ad_cid=5d53adc9bd840854e33e82f1&ad_cc=US&ad_curr=USD&ad_price=10.75&campaign_id=6948791183&utm_campaign=6948791183&utm_source=pdp_install&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI57-Sj7jl6gIVJD2tBh2nMAebEAQYAiABEgLzdPD_BwE&hide_login_modal=true&share=mobileweb
  2. Hey man, this is a great idea for those problematic moments, but in reality you need the true power to just not go there. I know how it feels to be urging badly for porn, I am feeling it right now in this second as I type, constantly wanting to go and type in my favourite sites at the top of this page, but its the power not to thzt is when you have truly overcome this. The reality is that you want your phone and laptop, you get great use out of them at times, and I agree locking them away is a good idea, but what's to stop you from just not locking them away? Its as easy as that, just like opening a private window in a tab and never facing the moment of deleting your history because of the shame. You need to understand why you are urging. What thoughts are occurring? What emotions you are feeling and how do they feel in your body? Once you recognise the signs of urges, say boredom or anger, and how they feel within yourself and how they make you think is when you can act and become present. You need to be present in this, to understand these feelings and how it will lead you to lapse. Be here and now, observe your thoughts, how your body is affected by these thoughts and emotions, and realise that they are not you, they are another part of yourself that lives purely on this addiction, your fear and your anxieties. You are the observer, not the thinker, once you realise this you can bring your thoughts to light and let them fade away.

    I hope this helps!
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