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    Guys, help me. I just told my girlfriend about NoFap... We are on vacations for 20 days and this is our first day of vacation. I was anxious about having sex and get PIED... So, we begin to kiss each other and other stuffs and we had a 5 min of sex, but a thousands of things passed into my mind so I got PIED... She started to cry and she gave to me a ultimatum.... I had to tell her about nofap and now I dont know if she wants to still with me. I think shes disgusted. Help :(
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    She should support you instead of getting upset. I can imagine it was quite hard for you to tell.

    However from her side off course it can be a bit overwhelming as she might think she is not enough for you.
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    Hey! Props for telling her!

    Have you told her about why you're doing nofap, and how that pertains to your relationship with her?
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    You need a high five for a job well done!.

    I do not see why she would not want to be with you?

    Addressing your issues from my understanding, in most womans eyes would be commended.

    Any real woman, who wants a real man will understand that you doing it not only for yourself but for her to as you will be in the moment and appreciate her more then a pixelated woman on your screen.

    My assumption is that most guys watches porn, therefore, it cant be a bad thing when you tell her as she should realise you not like other guys, you want to be in the moment and appreciate her for her.

    I am sure it will turn out well.. Please keep us informed and all the best!
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    Dude, seriously well done to talk to your girlfriend about this...It takes a lot of balls, I know cos I had to do the same thing. I really hope it works out for you because when you have someone on your side facing this shit it helps so much! I don't think I would be doing NOFAP if it weren't for my girlfriend and seeing how much it damages and hurts the relationship.
    Also trust me the benefits of doing NOFAP for your PIED REALLY REALLY help.
  6. There are a ton of misconceptions about P addiction. She might think you are a pervert or some kind of wierdo. When the truth is that anyone can be addicted to P and it doesn't make you a pervert. When I told my SO, she was definitely shocked. But over the next few days, I read Your Brain on Porn and shared a lot of it with her while I was reading.

    It worked for a few reasons
    1. She saw how serious I was about quitting
    2. She learned about how easy it is to be addicted
    3. She learned about how P caused a lot of my problems
    4. We both learned about what the road to recovery will likely look like.
    Since I read her parts of the book, she has been with me every step of the way. Hopefully this helps!
  7. My wife was upset when I told her at first. Now she is on board and very encouraging.
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    A lot of guys probably couldn’t do what you did and tell their girlfriend. About how she feels about it: you should tell her why you are on NoFap, and that you are doing this for not only you but for her as well. Your relationship with her will strengthen if you continue with NoFap and I hope she realizes that too
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    I am so proud of you! That was a great step forward in recovery. It's true though, help her understand what NoFap and PA is. Also, depending on how long you've been with her she might feel betrayed. So take that into consideration. Make sure she knows that you have an addiction and the addiction has nothing to do with her, she might be feeling really insecure.

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