i unironicaly begin to think that i need PMO

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    Hello yall

    This is a throwaway account.. i use it because my friends knows that im doing NoFap and i dont want them to know that im suffering right now

    Anyway this is 14th try and my first serious attempt to do NoFap (i used to cheat by precumming) but now im clean for 11 days.. i have small benefits i do use less social media (with the execption of reddit) I picked up hobbies what i didnt do due to fapping. also lost weight.. I shower cold and many more minor changes such as no eye bags

    I have a lot of homework/work and stress because college and college is occupying 2/3 of my time..

    Socializing: I dont have much time to socialize because college... i do have friends on college and i also socialize with my class but that like 10 minutes and then for the rest im isolated again with a mountain of homework.. with my non college friends its more like "nah i cant go i have homework"

    Going to the gym: Dont have time for that either (i try to compensate by doing 50 pushups a day) but i really want go to the gym so i try to find time but thats hard because again with college

    Finding a girl: Dont get me started on that... I came recently from a unhealthy relationship and i still feel sad about it because she dumped me on christmas for a dumb reason... but while i had a relationship i also rejected 2 girls that are much better than my ex but i rejected them because i attempted to be loyal.. (TL:DR I rejected 2 girls that i liked more for a girl that didnt give a shit about me) I Gave her presents but no she woudnt give a damm about me and her mom also helped her to keep me out of her then i asked her
    After i was dumped i attempted to date one of the girls that ive rejected but as it turns out she already has a BF and boy she was then pissed at me because i used her as plan b and (she used to blow kiss me and flirt with me but now after i asked her out she insults me almost everyday) also this happend in december/january

    Achiving my goals: Some of them i work on a lot witch is for example doing NoFap.. lose weight but some of my others (Learning Swedish.. Getting my drivers licence) but GUESS WHAT STOPS ME FROM DOING THAT THATS RIGHT COLLEGE I FUCKING HATE COLLEGE BECAUSE IT CONSUMES MOST OF MY TIME

    So im already dead and despite all i begin to think that I JUST NEED THAT DOPAMINE RUSH i find it so weird that when i PMO at least i get some kind of happyness but on the other hand i dont want to kill my streak and i also try to tell myself that i dont want to relapse but idk what to do


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