I want to destroy my curiosity

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Davikch, May 19, 2021.

  1. Davikch

    Davikch Fapstronaut

    I came up with a new fetish for myself to enjoy. Like it's always have been inside me and I just discovered it (while doing semen retention lol)

    Also I have remembered a good anime that should have brilliant hentai doujins.

    So, out of nowhere, on the end of the 2nd day, I already have a huge plan for relapsing. I don't have a lot motivation to fight lust, but have motication to check some erotical materials.

    I see two solutions: bad and worse.
    Bad: just watch this stuff so I am not curious anymore.
    Worse: just relapse lol

    I am a bad warrior
  2. Davikch

    Davikch Fapstronaut

    Update: I checked the things I wanted to check. I am not interested anymore and I, for some reason, saw the true face of pornography. Vulgar and cheap.
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  3. V∧DΞR

    V∧DΞR Fapstronaut

    Yes, curiosity is my problem too. Yesterday I ended up burning up my sleep hours just to satisfy my curiosity. Even today I had plans to do the same at night but, I ended up relapsing 6hrs before bedtime to that crap. I am getting my sleep back from that monster first.
  4. Can you turn your curiosity towards how to reboot better? Not only that though but combine curiosity along with critical thinking and just think through how things work a bit.
  5. Davikch

    Davikch Fapstronaut

    Redirecting porn enthusiasm towards rebooting sounds too good to be true. It is impossible.

    Also, I am bad at critical thinking, and I think it's the reason I became religious. Or maybe not. Maybe it's because Rabbi offers me tasty food on Shabbath.
  6. Davikch

    Davikch Fapstronaut

    Pornography is consuming me. Drawn hentai looks so good

    It would be so good if it wasn't arousing

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