I want to fight Brain Fog with NoFap

Discussion in 'Accountability Partners' started by Liberated_Again, Apr 9, 2019.

  1. Liberated_Again

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    Okay, So I am a 19 y/o guy who has been on PMO since the last two years. I cannot start to explain how damaging it has been to my brain. I find it very hard to concentrate these days and I easily get lost when some other person is speaking. Learning has become unusually difficult for me, and I require a lot more time to understand the same things I could understand in the past. Brain Fog is real and I am a real victim of it.

    I am a computer science Undergraduate who specializes in Robotics and AI. So for me clarity of mind is the most important thing. Sadly, it's becoming increasingly harder for me to understand things. In short I feel like I am dumbing down.

    I have been on and off NoFap for a few months now but I am now considering NoFap for a year.

    I hardly get 6 hours of sleep due to my busy schedule so I won't be able to exercise at least for now. I can meditate. I am thinking of focusing on my work so that I don't fall into PMO.
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    Hi I'm male, 31, been PMO since age 15. Have had a few liberated periods of up to 4 months. I can relate to the brain fog thing, short attention span. I am also a programmer and committed meditator. I have a new partner who I love and don't want PMO to get in the way of our relationship.

    I'm interested to have someone to check in with once per week for mutual support and encouragement. Pm me if interested :)

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