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    Hi guys, new here. I discovered NoFap about a year ago and believed it was everything I needed to improve my life. I have been fapping since I was 12 or 13 and didn't know it was a problem until I learned about the effects of PMO. I have developed a very specific fetish that I have been ashamed of all my life - a strange attraction to women in wheelchairs since a very young age. The first memory of how it all started was when I was 8 or so. I was watching a film adaptation of the children's book, Heidi and remembering wanting so badly to take care of Clara, the girl in the wheelchair. When puberty hit, that became a fetish.
    I'm extremely ashamed of my attraction and I fap when these thoughts come up in order to make them go away. This excessive fapping has really taken a toll on my life. My friends suspect I'm secretly gay because I am still a virgin though I'm fairly good with talking to women. When I was abroad last year, I met my long distance girlfriend and she's everything I have ever wanted. She's beautiful, successful, very very smart, and above all, kind. We clicked, fell in love, though didnt have sex because we agreed to take things very slowly. Since I came back to the states, I still speak to her every day and we have plans to have a future together.
    Since meeting her, and though our romance is beautiful on the outside, I am beating myself up on the inside because of my secret. I hate the fact that I am attracted to her needing to use a wheelchair. (I'm not solely attracted to the fact that she has a disability, I just find her even more attractive because of the disability) I have seen how hard it is for her to do simple daily tasks and it hurts me to see her struggle. To keep my sexual thoughts about it away, I masturbate, however it has really become a problem and is getting in the way of my life. I don't have any energy to do anything. I'm stuck in my career and I am confident that resetting my brain is the cure for all my problems. I just can't bring myself to stop because I don't want to sexualise my lover's struggles..
    Sorry for the long rambling post but I am really stuck. Thanks for reading
  2. So you do have a girlfriend that is a wheel chair user?

    You seem to be a caring person. You are worried that there is something impure about your intentions with her.

    Of course, it would be wrong if you would reduce your girlfriend down to the fact that she is using a wheel chair. But you write yourself that you also find other qualities in her.)

    Maybe just try to get over this guilt. You may think that you are not normal because you perceive that it is not normal to be attracted to people with disabilities. I think chances are high that you are a good person indeed.
    It is not important what is seen as normal, it is important to work towards happiness. I think you have the abiity to make that woman happy.

    Try to let go of your obsession and consider yourself as someone who has a preference for wheel chair users.
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    The human brain is capable of making faulty neuro connections between the weirdest things. I have had issues with fetishes in the past. We positively reinforce their “spell” over us when we use them for that dopamine rush. If you can distance the stimulus from the response ( what NoFap is all about) I guarantee that the fetish will begin to lose its (seemingly) overwhelming power over you. I know, I’ve been there
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    The reason I found this website was through a book called Timinology, whose author, Tim Leach, deals with trying to relieve a client's fetish for cross dressing. I, myself, have a fetish for being tied up and so through using this guys techniques I most definitely have it under control. I own it now, rather than it owing me, which is what he tells you how to achieve. The Chapter is called self-control so do find a copy if you want to free yourself!
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    hey man how to stop sexual feelings in your head and get into real life when ihave thoughts like this i suddenly feel to masturbate. to stop these please help me man. this is leading me into depression

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