I want to have a Reebot. how can I do this perfectly

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Apexkid, May 14, 2017.

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    So I'm new here and I'm going to tell my story and I hope I will be able to get a solution on here.

    OK so I'm currently 16 and I'm going to be 17 by October I'm still a virgin but I have had a chance to have sex once, but I was unable to penetrate My partner Because of some other issues called performance anxiety and I tried with some [email protected] tablets 2to3 but still I was unable to get it inside and I gave up, and started Pmo, I have been doing pmo for almost a year now, but it's wasn't as serious as the last 3months when I pmo once everyday, so recently I had a new girlfriend and we have been dating and stuffs for about 2monthz now, and still I wasn't really feeling sexually attracted towards her as I was okay with my PMO abit, and now
    Our relationship has gotten to a stage were we needed sex, and I have abstained from pMo for 2days just to fight my anxiety and stuffs until we were about to perform the act and I would only get the erection but I can't hold it for too long. I concluded maybe something was wrong so we decided the second day and I had to give her some excuses, we tried the second day but I still wasn't able to get it up atall, I made a research and discover I was suffering from pied and I decided I was going to abstain from pMo in other to have a Reeboot and be able to have sex,

    I have told her about the pied issues and she has vowed to help me in the Reeboting process. This is my day4 of no pmo and everything feels good with no urge of relapse as I'm dying to have my first ever sex. Now we still do some cuddling and stuffs, hope this would not affect my rebooting, and what can she do to help the rebooting has she really wants us to have sex and me too. I'm totally confused what can I do. Feel free to ask me anything pleasee
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    Your sexually anxiety is a cause of your dysfunction, how long have you been watching porn?
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    There is no perfect approach.
    The only way to overcome it is to abstain as long as possible.

    You will stumble. But it's important to get back into the game immediately and learn from mistakes.
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    Never watch porn ever again that well set you on the path to recovery. Think about it you have spent more time fapping off over porn in your life than you have had having sex with real girls. Your brain is wired for porn right now that is its default behaviour. Just think of it like this. Every time you fap you are numbing yourself its basically castrating yourself and you are only 16! No more porn just enjoy the company of real girls and you will get better.

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