I want to kill myself

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Akshay jain0001, May 17, 2019.

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    I m not porn addicted I watch hot girls and that get me arouse to masturbate. I started masturbation from 2018 and it's only one year done but also I don't masturbate too much only once or twice in week and now the urges comes daily and I don't want it. It affects my studies I cant focused to my studies and my interest to anything has been lost before that I was happy all the time but now all things going good but my dopamine is not releasing. It also increases my anxiety and stress level please help me
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    Exercise is a good go-to for situations like this in my experience, and especially helps with the stress. Take regular breaks when studying and go for walks, or runs, or even to the gym for a guaranteed dopamine release.
    Don't isolate yourself - talking to friends can easily lift your mood, even if it's not in person. Other than for communication it's probably best to avoid social media as it's a weapon of mass distraction and can make you feel worse for a number of reasons. If you're a music person, listen to your favourite songs, have a sing and dance, allow yourself to get lost in your thoughts, whatever works for you.
    If you suddenly feel a huge urge, quick-fire solutions include doing pushups until you can't anymore, going for a pee, or pressing the panic button in the top right corner, which is just one of the many ways to remind yourself why you're doing this in the first place, what your goals are, and what you stand to lose if you give in to the temptation. Good luck bro, and obviously don't kill yourself :p
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    My friend, be strong!

    When urges are coming, you can do this:
    1. Pray. Is the most important thing. God help us!

    2. Read a book. If you are looking for ways to improve your memory and concentration and also relieve stress and depression, reading will help.

    3. Spend time with your family, with your friends.

    4. Go outside and take a walk!! You'll be happier. As you log miles your brain releases "happy" chemicals like serotonin and dopamine, that can lift your mood both during and after your workout. Walking outside has also been shown to lower rates of depression more effectively than walking indoors.

    5. Make a sport. Is a very strong and good habit!

    6. Make a could shower. Help a lot.

    7. Don't isolate yourself, don't stay isolate.

    8. Don't waste your time to stay on smartphone, laptop, to play games etc. GIVE UP TECHNOLOGY!!!

    9. Stay hydrated. Water have more benefits for body and mind!

    10. Stay away from all potential triggers.

    11. Fasting are also very good.

    Don't give up. All of us have big and strong urges. Is not easy, man, but togheter we can do this!

    The benefits of NoFap are spectacular, you will be a different man, a different person, a strong and health person.

    This great site help a lot. People are great and you can learn a lot of things in this great forum.

    We re a community, you are a part of this community, and togheter we are STRONG!
    I am very happy cause I find this great site, I learn a lot of very good things.

    And rememeber this, urges are not forever, they pass. You will feel better, trust me. URGES PASS! It will pass.
    And the good news is that urges make us strong. It will make us more strong able will have more ability to tackle the coming urges.

    P.S. I tell you more good things, but I don't speak English very good, sorry...
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  4. Hello,

    I’m sorry to hear that you are struggling. Rebooting has its ups and downs, just like life.
    We see many people experiencing both the ups and downs during the reboot, and though it may be
    hard to see now, these feelings you are having won’t last forever. It will get better with time, if you are patient and wait.

    In the meantime, please seek professional help. I know the idea of calling a helpline might
    terrify you, but in times of crisis, we often need someone their to put our lives in perspective. So please contact someone who can help and don’t hang up on them. The International Association for Suicide Prevention maintains a list of suicide prevention hotlines for countries all over the world. Also, if you don’t feel up to actually talking to someone on the phone,
    StopSuicide maintains a list of online instant messaging and chat suicide prevention resources.

    You are not alone in this. There are ways to treat depression. Please contact people that can help you. Being depressed often makes it feel like you don’t have any more options. But that is a lie. That is just the depression talking. These feelings you have won’t last forever. We are in this with you, and we will all be cheering for you to get through this!
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    The thread title is melodramatic. You are not even struggling with an addiction.

    Go to the library and resolve to study there for however many hours is required to ace your exams.
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    What a callous comment! So, it is your theory that only people struggling with an addiction have suicidal thoughts? o_O His post is pretty concise and it cannot possibly cover all the factors that come into it. Rather than seeking to understand you just fob him off with - 'well, go study harder'. :eek: If you encounter such threads in future and do not have the heart to say something supportive and constructive, it would be better not to comment at all. Leave it to those that care @scarecrow1.

    Furthermore, have you considered that there is a difference between suicidal ideation and suicidal intention. He said, "I want to kill myself". However, suicidal intention would likely be expressed as: 'I am going to kill myself!' But both should be taken seriously. Most suicidal intentions begin as suicidal ideation. Another classic would be, 'I wish I were dead'. Such thinking is disturbed and the individual needs empathy, not disdain.
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    Stay safe. If you feel like you are loosing control then you should reach out to someone right away. I feel like this most days but im in a hospital so im safe. Know that depression is an illness. A pretty dangerous one if left unthreaded. It helps to talk about your feelings in here but if you are loosing control, call someone you trust and tell them. You are worth so much more alive than dead.
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    go have real sex with a real girl..
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    I am uncertain as to the helpfulness of this comment.
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