I want to know your reason to quit pmo ;)

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by lion188, May 3, 2018.

  1. Mkngitwrk

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    Great stuff. Keep working at your goals. Anything is achievable when we really put our minds and efforts into it.
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  2. Mkngitwrk

    Mkngitwrk Fapstronaut

    Fantastic. Win her heart and make sure to show her and tell her what she means to you. Senseless emotionless waste of time porn is.
  3. Mkngitwrk

    Mkngitwrk Fapstronaut

    Agreed...we do not realize how much harm we cause not just outseoursbut others to. Great reasons to stop.
  4. pygmalion

    pygmalion New Fapstronaut

    I was always shy and intimidated. I dreamt of being sociable extravert person for many years. Lately I finally understood that I can be that person I just have to change many of my habits. I talk more to people, I've been excersising and practising yoga for a week now and over all I try to become myself again. I suffer from depersonalization disorder and masturbating to fictional hentai girls got me even more alieneted to myself. Every day now I tell myself: 'you are a real person. You have your voice, you have your own mind, you have your own body. You can talk to others you can have your own opinion. You DO exist'. For me getting rid of porn addiction is one part of the whole process of rebooting myself, going from afraid shy person to freaking party animal :D
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  5. VeganRights

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    Because i want to walk my highest path, becoming the best me. In contrast to what i believed before (standard opinion pmo is normal and good), i can see now how detrimental pmo is for physical & mental/spiritual health. I hope for better confidence, better health, more self control, better social life etc :) i already see positive changes happening with myself, however gotta be aware for struggle moments, i know they will comw again :). But mindset totally shifted from pmo is desirable to pmo has no real value!
  6. Zombro

    Zombro Fapstronaut

    I was sick of being a hypocrite and knowing how much I had violated my own values on a habit that detracted from my spirituality and quality of living.
  7. AnGeL R622

    AnGeL R622 New Fapstronaut

    When I left school my life stopped. Now I understand the importance of order, schedules and having goals in the life of an addict (rebbot)...
  8. Phoenix234

    Phoenix234 Fapstronaut

    Because the addiction keeps me enslaved. While I found ways out and the grip it has on me loosened a lot I still need to keep going to shake it off completely.

    There is a way better very good life there.
  9. MuscularSherlockHolmes

    MuscularSherlockHolmes Fapstronaut

    My Reasons Are Different Now Then Earlier:

    • In the beginning I decided to join NoFap because too much PMO (3+ times daily for over three years) was taking a great toll on my body, and I knew it wasn't long before something snapped. That's why I joined NoFap on 2 March, 2018.
    • Now let's come to the second reason: On 25 March, 2018 I discovered my feelings for a girl in my college and till this day I haven't indulged in any activity related to PMO. (NOTE THAT MY STREAK IS UNBROKEN and you need to add 35 days to it to get the current one, the reason for reset is that I HAVE RESET IT TO MATCH MY FRIEND ON NOFAP, TO OFFER EMOTIONAL SUPPORT AND HELP REACH 30 DAYS)
    • I want to improve my life in terms of physical, emotional and social level in order to get the best version of me possible for my relationship with her... and if it wasn't for her... I doubt I would have made any significant changes whatsoever.
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  10. MrMurk

    MrMurk Fapstronaut

    Thank you for this great question OP.

    My two main reasons are to connect with people on a deep almost non-verbal level. And to do it for my future childrens.

    More great reasons for me are:
    - Increased confidence in myself
    - High energy
    - Enthousiastic and motivated about life
    - To connect with my higher self (creative/playful/doing-what-is-right part)
    - Becoming a real man
    - To use the energy for being successful in business

    Funny thing is that most of this reasons became reality after I quit PMFH.
  11. Trucker26

    Trucker26 New Fapstronaut

    My reason is to lose weight. I have found out that I can’t lose weight with out being on nofap. Few months ago I was on my longest streak of 14 days and I had the energy and mindset to go to the gym every day and I actually lost like 20lbs just from working hard in the gym but soon after I fell off and haven’t been to the gym since but I just started nofap over today gonna make it happen this time
  12. elevate

    elevate Fapstronaut

    It was always easy, comfortable, and certain to escape the hardships of reality. It felt good instantly.

    Then some things and some people happened in life where I couldn't escape anymore. Those experiences showed me the possibilities of higher quality experiences. Real experiences. Real connection. Because I conditioned myself to become so weak to handle reality by escaping it, I wasn't able to attain those possibilities of higher quality experiences.... but I got a taste of what's possible.

    So escaping reality wasn't that appealing anymore.

    I quit pmo in order to create room for better things and better people in my life. To develop myself and my reality rather than escaping it and filling my time with mindless numbing empty pleasure.

    I eventually found opportunities and people in my life where I was able to express the best version of myself because of all the work I've done to develop my reality. I was able to attain the possibilities of what I tasted long ago.

    Reality is a lot scarier, uncertain, and difficult, but the rewards are a lot better. The easy, certain, and instantly gratifying pleasures of pmo leads to low quality experiences. The bigger the barrier, the bigger the rewards.
  13. Religious beliefs
    Wanting to be less tired
    Self confidence
    So I can have a healthy relationship in the future
  14. iñaki

    iñaki Fapstronaut

    Because I've got erectile dysfunction, and I'm quite sure it's induced by fapping to much while watching porn. I also face anxiety and self confidence problems and I really want to start a relationship with a loving girl.
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  15. akrivane

    akrivane Fapstronaut

    Because it makes me feel like I am betraying God, and I don't want that.
    Also because I have someone who likes to curse me, so I know that God protects me, but I don't want to be any reason why he would forsake me and those curses would affect me.

    moreover, pmo makes me lazy, and waste time. so I want to be more productive.
  16. progressiverockguy

    progressiverockguy Fapstronaut

    So great to see all your motivation! This forum is great tool. Thank God for this.

    So, I have many reasons.
    • Religion beliefs: porn and masturbation is a sin in so many ways...
    • Increase self control and self steem
    • Decrease anxiety and frustration
    • Increase Joy and Happiness
    • Increase Energy
    • Preparation for marriage (I'm single, but long investments)
    • Focus on things that really matter and stop loosing my time relapsing and always spending so much energy getting back to reality.
    • Increase mental respect for women and the ability to talk with them (which I can, but I can improve it very much)
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  17. Honeyp1234567

    Honeyp1234567 Fapstronaut

    I just want my ORIGINAL VERSION thats why im quitting pmo.want to be happy and do what i want without thinking what other person will think about me..i just want to be this
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  18. XinMing Shu

    XinMing Shu Fapstronaut

    I have DE. I can ejaculate through penetration, but I can never come through an oral sex or a handjob. And I just feel real sex is not so appealing to me as it is supposed to be. That's why I started this journey in my first place. I want to truly have sex in the future.
  19. harry287

    harry287 Fapstronaut

    I am doing pmo last 22 years and drug using 12 years and tobacoo use 15 years. And gambling do 2 years
    But now I am clean from drug from 8+ year
    From gambling 4 years
    From tobacoo 3 years.
    But from pmo only 13 days
    Last 1 year I saw my unmanageability due to pmo
    It's very very negative I become totally spirtual bankrupt I don't have any chracter and I take every women for only sex
    I found these traits of my personality while I write my 4Th step of narcotic anonymous program
    And for my spiritual and mental and physically healing I need to arrest this disease Foy one day basis
    And my motto is to devolp good and healthy relationship with my wife as well as with my self
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  20. Souhail

    Souhail Fapstronaut

    Basically I can't say more than what you said guys
    It's based on several reasons : religious , physical , mental ...
    But let me tell you something , the only time I reached more than 30 days of Nofap I found that I'm missing a lot in my life , I felt that I was socially paralyzed and back then I felt that I had supernatural powers in gym and socially
    Unfortunately I relapsed after a long stressful week but I knew that I want to live a real life and stop spoiling myself
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