I want to know your reason to quit pmo ;)

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by lion188, May 3, 2018.

  1. Goodguymoki

    Goodguymoki Fapstronaut

    It's a big waste of time and energy that could be used on improving myself.I want to do many things in my life but they all require hard work and discipline and I can't afford to waste 1-2 sometimes even more hours a day on PMO.It needs to stop now.Also theres lack of motivation, fatigue, depression, PEID, and all the other stuff that comes with it.
  2. Yaboi56

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    I want to quit because of how draining it is to look and m.o. to. It's messed with brain as well, affecting my memory and sense of self. I've also hurt people because of it. I've used it as an escape but it's prolonged and left things lingering.
  3. Der Drachenkönig

    Der Drachenkönig Fapstronaut

    Two main reasons in my case:

    1) Because it takes away precious time i will never get back which i could have invested in more productive things that could benefit me. And for what? A five second temporary solution to my problems which will still be there after PMO.

    2) PMO giving me a distorted view on sexuality and affecting my self esteem and interactions with people.
  4. FairyNinjaLeprechaun

    FairyNinjaLeprechaun Fapstronaut

    My reason to quit PMO is :

    1. Nothing.

    There is no other reason really, I just tought that PMO is a lame thing. I didn't even sure that Porn-addiction was real and I tought that I'm the only one with this addiction. I didn't even know the side effect of watching porn.

    Then I started to do a little bit of research that night, going Nerdmode on Google, Youtube, reddit, and some other. And finally the universe shows me NoFap. I learn that PMO actually did a pretty big dent in my life.

    I started lurking around the forum, reading people stories and such. Reading All these people got a "superpowesr" by just simply quit watching porn and wacking their junk. It was really inspirational, and I decide to jump right into it in a heartbeat.

    To be honest I don't really care about these "superpowers", I just wanna quit. But whoa, I actually felt these "superpowers" in just 19 days ( or 20 ). I bad at counting days.
  5. findingdawae

    findingdawae Fapstronaut

    My reason is very simple:

    I'm a student who is taking a major examination this year, the gce 'o' level examinations (kinda like the SAT examinations in the US I think) and this would affect your life to a great extent either positively or negatively. I just don't want my pmo addiction to get the better of me and ruin my life. So yeah this is my reason for quitting my pmo addiction.

    P.S: I've been an addict for at least 4 or 5 years for your info. Just hope I can overcome my addiction.
  6. GoodByePHub14

    GoodByePHub14 Fapstronaut

    I started watching porn in grade 5 and I’m still doing it today (im a senior now). I know I’m still young but my upbringing and religious beliefs have made it impossible for me to believe that it’s okay for me to indulge such things.
    In times where I needed to study , I just thought of prom then watched porn.
    In times where I could’ve been helping my siblings when they asked for something, I convince them to leave me alone so I could watch porn.
    I swore on the Bible I would no longer do it 4 years ago, and I watched porn 4hours ago.
    I just want to leave it behind me and nuit life
  7. danhk

    danhk Fapstronaut

    Main reason is religious. A secondary reason is because this is the only addiction I could not quit. I could quit smoking, drinking, drugs, but for some reason I had problems quitting MO, granted P was never much of a problem.
  8. YooHoo

    YooHoo Fapstronaut

    My problem has always been the MO side of things, never really the P. The human mind can be a dangerous place. But the reason I wanna quit is cuz I’m 28 now and never been in a relationship. Though it’s brought me much temporary satisfaction, this PMO stuff is a huge distortion of reality and I’d rather not have to pleasure myself anymore when there’s over a billion fuckin women out there.

    Secondly, I masturbate prone. So on top of the MASSIVE amount of time I’ve killed over the years (since ~11th grade) trying to gain this fake high, I am also hurting myself medically. It’s reached a point where masturbating prone does something weird to my body afterwards (like lower back pain & pain near my sphincter) that I just want to quit it altogether and retrain myself to masturbate the correct way. Not to mention doing it prone could lead later on to ED and other stuffs.

    Lastly, it’s about self-improvement and overcoming an obstacle I’ve felt has set me back years in, in terms of development & productivity. Socially, physically, mentally I know I could be SO much greater than I am. I want to retake my life and become the person I’ve always envisioned. And though I’ve slipped up many times, I’m hoping that using NoFap can somehow help me get to where I want to be. But I also have to put in the effort. Like I said, I’m 28, so it pisses me off that as an adult I haven’t shown more determination to fight this off. So the time is now!
  9. I decided to stop for many reasons
    Did things I would never believe I would do. Shared D pics with a dude. Let my dog lick me till I came. Was unfaithful to my wife. Porn was making more and more distant from the woman I love b/c I was hiding so much of what I was doing. Watching porn got so I wasn’t even getting stimulated but keep looking at it anyway. Started looking more and more at weirder freaky stuff. Stuff that disgusted me but I’d still look.
    That’s a start of some of the reasons. Oh, and my D started to go limp during regular lovemaking. It got harder and harder to get it up.
  10. Clean Plate

    Clean Plate Fapstronaut

    To not be
    depressed as much (after ejaculation)
    anxious around people (especially women)
    drained of energy (that could be used on exercise etc)
    treat women as just objects
    alone as much
    wasting time on useless things anyway
    in pain (left side of my penis)
    venting my sexual energy through this habit (rather be with a real person)
    destroying my confidence
    I'm sure theres alot more reasons but these are all the ones off the top of my head.
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  11. Never liked the depression after cumming; all that pleasure neutralized, like getting a bad stomach ache after too much junk food. - - - I had tremendous sex (meaningless...I was stroking alone). I saw the most beautiful women on earth (meaningless...images on a TV screen). I connected with my favorite models and camgirls (meaningless...I buried myself in fantasy). I longed to make love to my favorite models and camgirls (meaningless...living a lie with impossible desires to fulfill). Now I see life squarely in the face. I get things done daily to constantly improve myself. Fantasy is dying and reality is dawning.
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  12. Baituzzaman

    Baituzzaman Fapstronaut

    First, i realize that pmo makes me different person, i become lazy, im not study hard, and i become, you know, people who have 2 faces. In front of my friends im good people, gave them advice and i talk about the porn negative effect. But, when im alone, i pmo.

    So, for my future and my career, i decided to cut of my life from pmo
  13. spaces

    spaces Fapstronaut

    I want to be alive and live a normal life . :emoji_alien:
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  14. 2dayz_iz_2long

    2dayz_iz_2long Fapstronaut

    I have spent an entire day watching porn as well bro. I'm two days clean off porn. I've tried many times to quit porn by myself but I believe with the right help I can quit porn for good
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  15. 2dayz_iz_2long

    2dayz_iz_2long Fapstronaut

    I have constant head aches which I've recently learned is brain fog from o 6-8 times a day.
  16. ele7ven

    ele7ven Fapstronaut

    Be strong, brother! And I will fight too.
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  17. Shawwwn

    Shawwwn Fapstronaut

    My reason is because one day I felt kinda bored and all and I decided maybe I should do something for once. So here I am. I still don't really see whats so good about Nofap though
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  18. 2dayz_iz_2long

    2dayz_iz_2long Fapstronaut

    Thanks for your encouragemental bro. Fighting strong urges to watch p atm
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  19. Quexx

    Quexx Fapstronaut

    Main reasons:

    - Tired all the time
    - No motivation to do stuff most of the time
    - Often drifts away with my thoughts, difficult to stay focused
    - Mild PIED (can't keep it up unless constant physical stimulation)
    - Don't look women in the eyes, instead staring at their cleavages, butts, legs and sometimes up their skirts (feeling like a pervert)
    - Social anxiety
    - Troubles sleeping
    - Low confidence
    - Low libido
    - Lost my first (and so far only) girlfriend since 5 years (we also lived together) because of many reasons written above - I caught her having feelings for someone else

    I don't want to live like this. I want to be healthy and confidence with the courage to do and get what I want, on my own, while still being gentle and kind to people around me. I want to love life and connect with people more easily, especially women now that I'm single.

    I'm not specifically looking for a relationship (nor sex) and while I want to focus more on myself and my self-improvements first and foremost, I wouldn't mind a relationship either if it just happened. If it were to happen, I don't want to repeat the mistakes I did with my ex. And if it doesn't happen now, I want to be happy on my own and enjoy life by myself, staying strong and motivated!
  20. Locust360

    Locust360 Fapstronaut

    Primarily because it interferes with my ability to have real sex at the quality I would like. If I can even perform at all sometimes and not have to make an excuse about stress, or medication or some other nonsense because I fapped my ability away all day.

    I can sit and burn all the free time I have on it.

    The content of the P has escalated to things I am not ok with.

    It has affected me and my relationships in a harmful way. I have been at the point where I knew sex with the SO would be problematic because of the amount of PMO earlier in the day and actually incited an argument in order to not have to look like I was dodging sex. Seriously F'd up.

    Saps my energy.

    Lowers my self esteem. I have a difficult time socially because somehow I feel guilty and ashamed in front of others even though they have no clue whats going on in my head about this.

    My mind gets jaded. Everything from wallpaper print to clouds to floor desogns can trigger some sort of shape that throws me into some pornographic and perverted thought.

    It affects my temperment and patience levels. I am a singke dad of 4 kids. Those are areas that need improvement and not an activity that diminishes it.

    When Im at my worst my head gets really slow and cloudy. I stutter sentences, have a difficult time finishing sentences or finding words at at abnormal level.

    This....is an abbreviated list. Ill be thinking uo more reasons the rest of the day after this. LOL

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