i want to quit my job

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by matt2k12, Apr 12, 2021.

  1. matt2k12

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    i hate it, its killing me, every inch of it, and i hate to be in this town. i would like to quit, but i dont know what i should do then. maybe if i dont take the leap of faith, i will never know what i will want to do with my life. theres no soul searching possible if im working ten hour shifts and coming back home with a scrambled brain. any thoughts, suggestions?
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  2. J053H32n4nd32

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    I don't like being in a small town either but I put up with it.
  3. takingthejourney

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    save every penny live below your means while building your purpose (it has to be something you can make money off and you love) once you start seeing good money from your purpose and saved up about 2 years of living expenses quit your job and do your purpose fulltime
  4. Not helpful!
  5. I can relate. Having a big part of your life controlled by an external entity(entities) is the worst problem I can have.

    Fight that authority, and you'll find yourself worse off. :(

    Put up with it, and you'll slave for an indefinite period of time. This is torture!! When does it stop? You need a deadline for the drudgery to stop. But there's no deadline.

    The future is unknown. Nothing at your disposal can be used to measure it.

    Follow my way. Get out of your comfort zone, try things, make mistakes, and your comfort zone will expand. Only then, your independence will get you out. You'll walk away a free man! :cool:

    Check this post. You'll relate to it. https://forum.nofap.com/index.php?threads/phasts-journal.272678/page-9#post-2950881
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  6. matt2k12

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    thank you all for your replies!

    if only i knew what my purpose was.. my only hope at this point is that pmo ruined my soul and if im on a long enough streak i will find myself again..

    everything. i hate to be an employee and work for someone else. i hate to do work i dont like, dont find meaningful. i dislike the people i work with. they are emasculated, liberal, and they wear masks and tests themselves every week. bc i wouldnt put up with that bs, the boss put me in a room where im alone and staring at a pc screen the whole day.

    its at the end of the world, a remote place, high mountains, no sun, and the people here are strange. also covid.

    that sums it up. you see how unfortunate i am? the only thing i like is to play ice hockey, but thats a hobby and im past age to be able to become a pro..

    i always wanted to be a writer and write books; but i think not every dream that we had as a kid is something worth going for; sometimes we grow up and mature..
    there is only one thing i really want, and that is a girl who left me two years ago.

    you speak right from my soul.
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  7. Asgardian36

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    Hey man...since you are the same age as I am, I wanna tell you one thing, there is no single fixed life purpose.

    I dont even know what my life's purpose it, but right now, the best thing for me to do, is to learn Web Development and get a good job in IT. But i keep failing at it :emoji_sweat: Its so bad, I know what to do, how to get there, but it just don't happen....I have had moments in my life where a regular guy would step up and do his best, but me , NO i just waste time and be lazy and do the bare minimum to get by and live passively. Believe me, its not the way to live.

    You say you live at a remote place at the end of the world, if your desire is to live in a big town, then save up some money and move to there and find a better job where you don't feel like you are working for somebody, may be you can be an uber driver or deliver packages or food.

    I have a hard time guessing your country, is it Iceland? Sweden? Lemme know if its not too much to ask.

    Like some other person has suggested, have atleast 3 months of savings (calculate your monthly expense and save 3 month's wrth of it) and then make your big move, either freelance in your small town or move to a big town and pick up better Jobs and eventually figure out the ways you can be your own boss. Life sucks without money or skills man. Develop either one of those.

    Waiting to hear from you, brother.
  8. @matt2k12

    I'm lazy as well. I'm learning software development. On week 1, I just downloaded the production software. On week 2, I downloaded the wrong database server. On the same week few hours later, I uninstalled the database server. Few hours later, I downloaded the right database server.

    On the next week, I practiced for like one hour (I wanted to practice for few minutes but I pushed myself a little. If I didn't push myself, I would have postponed the practice).

    On the next week, I became more productive. I practiced more than last week.
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  9. matt2k12

    matt2k12 Fapstronaut

    thank you for taking the time and your response.

    there is a great resource on coding which i recently discovered (actually wanted to start some enterprise in that direction, maybe i will, idk); codehawke. if you are interested, check out his website, and write me a dm, i can send you the access to all videos. the guy speaks very simple language and i basically learned js in an hour (had previous coding knowledge though)

    no i live in austria, i moved to salzburg in january, not the city but the county, and writing this message now i sit at a desk infront of a window, infront of which there is an at least five hundred meter high straight grey rock wall, and its snowing. where you from?

    i actually have some cash and could live at least a year doing nothing and paying all bills. its just i dont want to make that move before i havent figured out what it is what i want to do, because chances are, i will end up doing what i do now; i will just find a job for the "meantime", as you and others have suggested.
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  10. Mahalac

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    Been there bro, and guess what ? I quit my job 2 months ago ( I worked in a bank for 8 long years). I decided to become a lawyer, studying hard for bar exam ever since. Since quiting I had 3 different job offers but didn't accept them. I am very purpose oriented and I believe in myself very very much bro. Just save some money don't be ashamed to seek temporary help from your folks or someone who cares for you, and fight for your purpose. Healthy foods, exercising and of course semen retention are very important to think straight and stay strong...
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  11. Asgardian36

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    brother, I totally understand, you have to figure out what it is you wanna do with the rest of your life....what work are u gonna do? How are you gonna spend your free time??. You are right, without figuring out where you wanna go, taking a break will only send you back to where you were a year ago and that won't do any good...
    *I highly reccomend you read the 4-hr work week book by Tim Ferris

    I will DM you, man! If you have figured out JS in an hour, you may be a natural at coding. From what I see, you do have some spare money for taking the break, but you wanna make sure you figure things out before you take the break.

    I'm going to be 30 this August, Im still the laxy ass fuck I was 4-5 years ago, nothing has changed, except my PMO habit has gone bad it escalated to cam girls and escorts. I hope we all make progress this year and from here on.
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  12. Buddhism Is True

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    Quit your job, sell/store your things, get in your car, drive to another state, and start doing something new. You don’t need permission, just encouragement.

    Take responsibility for your situation and change it.
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  13. Brazilian Polyglot

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    Sounds exactly like me in my job during the first three months lol. Idk man, I hated my job at first but then I learned to like it or at least bear it. I think it's all about your attitude towards it. I'm pretty sure there are people there who like the job, even though they do the same thing you do, right?

    One big thing that helped me was to take one day at a time and say to myself 'the problems of today will dealt with today, the problems of tomorrow will be dealt with tomorrow'. That motto always got me calmer.

    Also, your sleep quality is very important to reduce stress, I usually take some natural sleep meds you can buy over the counter at any pharmacy. My sleep is my #1 priority in life, if I don't sleep well, I won't do anything well.

    Anyways, right now in the midst of this corona-recession is really not the time to say 'fuck it' and leave.
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  14. Brazilian Polyglot

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    Today was a stressful day at work but when I changed my attitude it just became a good day. My boss came to my shift and gave me 3 hours of instruction on new reports and procedures I should do, at first I got angry, like 'how come does this freaking b... come here and creates a bunch of new s... for me to do?', my work got delayed big time and I got really stressed out about it.

    But then, I decided to change my attitude and said to myself 'well, getting stressed won't solve anything', put on some Guns n' Roses to play and I calmly did the rest of my work, it took me a couple extra hours but I finished everything. Then I think about all the people who are unemployed during this pandemic and realize how lucky I am for putting up two extra hours of work, at least I have work to do. I'll have 36 hours to rest, so what's the problem about staying a couple hours later?

    My attitude towards the thing completely changed how I felt and took away my stress. Remember: 'getting stressed won't solve anything'.

    I hope it helps you.
  15. matt2k12

    matt2k12 Fapstronaut

    if one doesnt live up to his potential, his life will feel meaningless. I have pretty high potential man, and i wont settle for anything less, nor do I think should you. to think, at least i have this work, others have nothing, is the attitude of a defeated man. picture a lion, a big, bulky, huge lion in africa. this is what you are supposed to be. not a hyena. it has a tattered, dirty skin, and feasts off the leftovers. its ok to be able to change your attitude and not be stressed, but more important is to change your attitude to want to be that lion, imho. i will not yield, i will not be defeated. if that means i will be unhappy for a while, so be it. but i will not give away the glory with which god has created me and become one of those zombie men. neither should you, my friend. all the best.
  16. Trobone

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    Start searching for a new job.

    Before you apply anywhere think about what actually makes you happy and uphappy. Is it the work itself or the people? Is it how your boss treats you or the entire company culture? Maybe it's the entire field? Maybe it's the growth path.

    Consider all these things and then go out and apply. Give yourself 90 days.
  17. Brazilian Polyglot

    Brazilian Polyglot Fapstronaut

    Having a positive attitude towards temporary adversity does not mean settling for less. I have a lot of potential and I'm working on goals that will get me there someday. However, until I get there, I decide to laugh rather than stress myself out.

    The problems of today will be dealt with today, the problems of tomorrow will be dealt with tomorrow.

    Getting stressed out won't solve anything.

    Comparison is the thief of joy.

    That's pretty much all the advice I can give you, but I don't know if you'll get the message. Best of luck.
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  18. matt2k12

    matt2k12 Fapstronaut

    i get it, thank you!
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