I Want To Talk About Brain Fog

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Redbox, Jul 30, 2017.

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    What symptoms do you guys experience during brain fog? Please share.

    I'm currently experiencing yet another episode of brain fog and strong depressive thoughts. It's mainly speech impairment I suffer from to extreme levels. I can't find the right words to string a sentence. It took me three, THREE F*CKING retries to explain to a ticket man what train ticket I'd like to buy from two destinations the other day. The wrong words kept spilling out of my mouth. When I'm about to speak I can feel my mind is in a tangle before I even open my mouth, and it often results in words mixing up, jumbling and combining together. For example I will try and go and say 'Car Park', and what will come out is 'Par Cark'. It's like I'm walking on egg shells when I'm talking or about to talk because mix ups of words happen more the further I get into a sentence as well.

    This speech issue is one of the significant problems that I suffer from with brain fog, and it does affect my life and has done for the past 7 years or so. Along with that, I'm not able to process information, remember names of anything, think creatively or even think at all, I'm dead inside literally. I'm a different person when I go through these times I see the world differently.

    My confidence drops and feel people don't want me around. When I open my mouth and say something it's although I don't want myself to be heard because I say it so quiet and most of the things I say aren't worthwhile. I often result in emotional shopping of clothes to try and help me feel better about myself.

    I've abstrained from PMO for nearly 7 months now, and I started NoFap to get rid of my depression and brain fog, but it's still here people???
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    I have pretty bad memory too lately but what helps me feel and think/remember better is vitamins for brains and for memory especialy useful been fosfo ging - capsules with main integridient Ginko biloba.There are added C, E, B1, B6 vitamins. B vitamin really helps for brain and blood flow to brains so I also use additional B vitamin complex. You can get B vitamin complex cheap on myprotein.com or other bodybuilding/fitness supplement sites. The food supplements I use for my brain I get in drug store. Where you live you can get them probably in supermarket as well. Also this mineral - Magnesium do benefit brains and helps with depression too.

    Another thing that helps brains and body overall is fish oil. Omega3 and Omega6 in it benefits all your system. Good substitute to fish oil would be Cod liver oil or Krill oil.

    Now at day 60 I feel much more clearer in my mind than in day 30, and just feel fresh in my mind and body. Still without my supplements still feed pretty stupid so taking them every moorning after food.
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    Hey redbox! All you've explained here I suffer everyday. I just wanna be alone because I cant explain things, cant think, feel overexcited. One year or more ago, I had a 4 month streak and it didnt make a diference. Now Im on a 2 month streak and lining is hell, People invite me and i dont want to hang out cuz I feel like a fool. You knowl quite well how it feels. I cant wait no more for this to fix. FUCKING HELL. Did you overcome this braing foggy mind-speech?
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    yo man, i also sufferin from this brain fog thing but try things like reading, writing & positive thinking.
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    The key paramater is the prognosis of your case, if you are going better then there is no worry. If not i think you should try enhancing your mind. Mind is like muscle, when you want it to act better you should train it. As our friend advised you, you can start reading, medication, may be painting, you can pay more attention to your diet and vitamines, your sleep rythm, your stress. All this combined will get you better for sure.
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  6. Brain fog gets better the longer you go.
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    To be fair, I don't think PMO is the only cause of brain fog. Stress, lack of sleep, dehydration, low blood sugar, other mental health issues, lack of exercise, too much alcohol, etc. could all be part of the cause as well. I get it terribly every year when my hayfever kicks off
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  8. pcmaster

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    I think mental health issues is what's playing most role here. You guys should check up at professional cause that might be as sign of early schizophrenia or bibolar.

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