I was advised to masturbate to help with my PE, what should I do?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by BecamingBest, Jul 1, 2020.

  1. BecamingBest

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    So, I have Premature Ejaculation, and I'm 80 days on nofap. I went to a doctor and he said that I should masturbate for 1 hour every day and when I'm about to ejaculate I should stop. He said that I should do this to taught my brain that masturbation don't mean quick pleasure.

    So I'm a little confused, because some people said that nofap can help with ejaculation, others says that it make it worse, and the doctor said to masturbate.

    What are your thoughts about this?
  2. ZeroChill

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    U only mention u have PE. We need to know more whether are u an addict like most of us here.
    Lets assume u are a pmo addict for 10years. If the doctors advise can cure u then this forum wont exist. This forum exist because pmo addiction has not been recognised yet as a problem or i could say we are the pioneers and theres no medicine for this. We can only rely on limited information provided by wise researchers and here we are sharing our experience.
    If u are young and u think u have the time to try out the doctors advice then take it. Personally i wont. I only listen to myself and people who share their experience here.

    Im 90days clean. Went from PIED to morning steel. Deeper voice, better skin , regained confidence and self-esteem, and etc.
  3. StarRider

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    I don't think PE is a medical condition in need to cured. Yes, it prevents you from re-enacting porn in the bedroom, because you essentially blow the script. But it doesn't prevent the biological purpose of your seed to happen.

    So you're essentially looking at an "issue", which is caused by fact, that you view of sex is imprinted by pornography. You know how to solve this, right?
  4. Rev2.0

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    What your doctor is advising is called edging and the overwhelming majority of men on this forum, myself included, will tell you that's a very bad idea. Even more so if you use porn while you masturbate. It's very true you are training your dick that way but you're also ingraining other associations into your mind that can be quite harmful to healthy sex in real life over time. For example it could wind up going the other way where you can't keep it up during penetration and/or the ONLY way you can cum is from masturbating. I speak from (too) many years of experience on this.

    Edging is also a great way to get blue balls, which I would never wish on anyone.
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  5. Wonshan2001

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    That's so funny you know.....When you know you got PE and you can't last much longer.... The doctor says MASTERBUTE FOR 1 HOUR.... I would probably recommend go f#** that doctor and check his certificates.
  6. Wonshan2001

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    And also remember..... Masterbution makes your glans penis(the head part of penis) more sensible and make the PE problem worse... As long as you don't masterbute.. Sensibility of glans penis decreases......you can last much longer...... Resulting your PE problem be solved.
  7. Wonshan2001

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    I have same problem.... I'm on my way to 1 month and already feeling the change as the sensibility decreased.... I will continue with Hard mode for 90 days
  8. Prospect_

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    I'm with the others in this thread when I say that the doctor is absolutely clueless and gave you awful advice.

    In the (audio)book "Your Brain on Porn", PE is discussed and abstinence from porn is presented as a probable cure, as supported by the testimony of many people in your shoes.

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