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  1. I was desperate, i think self improvement is tiring me, very very tiring me. Then i looked to my friend that even don't read self-improvement book or watch self-improve youtube videos, is better man than me. Better i mean he can get a girlfriend, he is handsome, he is not terrible in social interaction. I'm jealous and that make me thinking should i read these self-imrpovement books or watch the self-improvement videos?
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    first stop comparing yourself with your friend the only person you should compare yourself is with the person you were yesterday. Your friend must have problem that you don't know i mean everybody has problem this is life. But you only need to focus on yourself and when you stop thinking about other people and start think about yourself and try to become a better version of yourself than the person you were yesterday it all become a little easy. Let me tell you this path is not going to be easy, baby steps one step at time there will be time when you think that this is not working but still you need to keep going keep giving your 100% and even if you get 60-80% result that should be enough for you. Life is the name of constant change staying on one point is boring. Just keep swimming
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    Some people jsut have a headstart, thats not a good reason not to try.
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  4. you are so good, this light me up. Sometime i just feeling tired of improving myself. I was feeling my head is overloaded with self-improvement theory and then i see my friend's life is like better than me i think. But i must confess that self-improvement was really change my life. But now i'm like stuck with the theories of self-improvement.
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    The only one you should bother about and compare yourself to is your own self. "Am I ahead of my former self, standing still or actually moving forward compared to my former self?". These are the only legit questions you should ask yourself whenever you think about self-improvement and improving yourself.
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    Yep, as @Angus McGyver and @skye64 mentioned ... comparing ourselves to others is the most straightforward path to unhapiness. That's why Facebook and other Social Networks are saddening most people's lives. You won't find me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or whatever. I don't mind about what people openly share and brag about their allegedly marvelous lives. I don't care, it brings me nothing positive to my own life.

    I strongly recommend you to google "comparing to others" and read some of the articles that come up.
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