I was meant to be aborted. Doctor got injured.

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Finder77, Jun 6, 2020.

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    Well my mother just told me I was meant to be aborted back in 1999, Lagos,Nigeria because my birth father didn't want a child. She said whilst she was in the hospital waiting for the doctor, she got news that he was unable to make it as he was struck on the head by loose metal scaffolding and needed medical attention himself.

    After this she decided to leave my birth father and have me anyway. So my life is pretty much in existence because some doctor got bonked on the head.

    I guess what I'm trying to say is that life is precious and totally hangs in the balance, I will try to make the most of it and become successful, hopefully proving to myself that fate made the right decision that fateful day in 1999.
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    Wow! Talk about a divine intervention!
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    Be the best man you can be and make her proud about her choice.
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    Its no mistake that the doctor collect for head. E get why.
    U are the why.
  5. It is sad that the whims of people make them decide the life of a fetus. I don't want to have a debate between pro-life and whatever. Cases like these had no medical reasons or anything to choose abortion. It was murder. I am glad your mother choose to have you. She escaped the emotional injury of abortion not to mention other things. It may have been hard raising you as a single mother. She is a very strong woman. I salute her.
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    God has a plan for your life. Even if you are not Christian, any fairly intelligent person can reason their way to the existence of a god. Since god is outside of the laws of nature and physics, nobody can understand the plan, only God can. God has a plan for eternity that he knows the past present, and future, but that does not mean fate exists, because god is outside of all physics and time. You have freewill, even though God knows what you will do. It is because he has a plan for eternity, and I take such instances as this, the doctor on his way to kill you gets hit in a freak accident, as proof of an intricate plan for humanity. One instance is of a man who was riding his bike an alternate route to work one day. He just wanted to change things up a bit, so he went the long way to work across a bridge. Well, he came across a young woman who asked for his cellphone. He did not have a cell phone, but he asked her why she needed one. She said "I need to call my mom and tell her that I'm gonna kill myself". He did not know what to do, so he knelt down and said the Memorare, as she was standing on the edge of the bridge about to jump. A lone car on the highway saw the scene and called the police, and took her in. Now, what if he had left 5 minutes later? What if he had taken his usual route to work? What if he had not said the prayer? We can answer the first two questions with an almost positive assumption that she would've jumped, but since he took an alternate route and left at the exact time he did, she did not jump. Now, why didn't she jump in the couple of minutes that he prayed? Possible divine intervention? Who knows. The moral of the story? God most definitely has a plan, it is up to you to make the correct decisions to fulfill his plan.
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    my mom had a abortion before my younger brother was born, i still feel bad about it.
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  8. I can understand you feel guilty but you are a miracle. The fact that you survived that and your mother had the time to re-evaluate that shows God had a plan then and he still does now. Birth father's can be terrible men it doesn't mean you have to listen to any of the shame of one man's bad decision. You can walk around feeling sad or angry for him wanting to do that but will that make life any better? No you will only get bitter and hurt yourself. Why don't you make plans and evaluate your situation and make something of yourself. You are here on nofap one of the best decisions you could ever make it will change your life my friend. Ask your heavenly father where he is tell him exactly how you feel and he will comfort you then direct your paths. Good on you friend I'm sorry you are hurting but your story is very encouraging abortion is not ok and I pray you grow can see just what an inspiration you are. Choose to get up everyday and go. You are so precious and so valuable. You are loved. Your a walking miracle.
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  9. I'm sorry. It's ok to cry. You are precious.
  10. Fate, or just stupid luck. Fuck people. Can't even commit to a decision for 9 months. Congrats on 24 days btw.
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    This is divine intervention.

    I'm not the most religious person, but I came across a few instances in my personal circle already that just sound so unbelievable that only a higher power must have made it possible. Like a friend of mine whose father was supposed to be executed twice by the secret police in communist Romania and was both times spared because of power outage (which led to prison shutdown). The third attempt dictator Ceausescu was already history and he survived and emigrated.

    Use your fate well, it's a gift by the gods.
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  12. This is a father's blessing it is for you finder and also @Abzu and anyone else who has felt perhaps unwanted or rejected in some way by their father to be honest it is probably all of us.
    He is standing in for anyone who's father hasn't blessed them. Blessings are a natural thing that we crave so take ten minutes and allow yourself to receive a blessing that will change something in you. Trust me I just listened to it and tears where streaming down my face. I struggle to find common ground with my father these days and I wonder what has happened. But we have a loving heavenly father who just wants to tell you how precious you truly are. Take care friends.
  13. Your positivity is awesome, you have everything to achieve anything you want in life brother, keep it up, i am sure you will make a good life for yourself! :)
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