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  1. Hello,
    I'm a 17 year old male from India.
    I started masturbating before 3 or 4 years.
    The first time i did it was like the best satisfaction feeling ever.
    But now, it's more like a daily regret. Whenever i over masturbated or masturbated regularly for days , i searched the internet for the harmful effects of masturbation.
    And what i got was just the same thing "it isn't bad , it is really healthy at an age like 17"
    Being satisfied by these answers i kept continuing my masturbation time and time again.
    But as the time is passing by i can feel the dropped energy levels and my confidence too.
    I had so much confidence that even if i hadn't studied for months , i was sure i am about to do the best in my school exams.
    Now , the situation is that i try really hard to get over this but i just get stuck in my own rules , and then i feel like the biggest loser .
    As i was telling about my situation an entrance exam is about to come in about a month and I've been preparing for it really hard.
    So , i am not allowed to go outside my house much.
    And after all this i'm like no one will know , I've also noticed that my retention ability has decreased a lot too.
    With all this said , I'd thank you for reading till here.
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