I watched P but didn't M or O. I reset my counter so can I binge once?????

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Stevie W, Sep 23, 2018.

  1. Stevie W

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    Listen, I am getting fucking pissed. My last streak was 18 days and each time it feels like I am wasting my life if I am just going to relapse. Since I accidentally just watched P should I just M and O and take advantage of the opportunity. I didn't feel any powerful dopamine release but I just have been getting intense urges. I am worried that this is turning me into a monster that I cannot control.
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    Even though you have to reset your streak doesn’t mean you’ve lost all progress. If you M and O now you may risk some progress you have made. I would suggest not. When you ask yourself if you should binge remember that your doing this for more than just a day counter (hopefully) your doing this to grow. After a relapse (even a small one) your going to want to take advantage and go hog wild. But that’s just a fallacy your brain is telling you.
  3. Stevie W

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    I know man but I feel like I am doing it for all the wrong reasons if I constantly check my day counter. I feel like i need a hobby or activity but the only way I get their is the motivation I got before I watched pron. I still havent fully relapsed man but it is fucking driving me insane. I would love some advice.
  4. The point of this thing is not the stupid counter or streaks, it's about curing porn addiction. Decide for yourself whether masturbating will help you with that.
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    So basically while you are on a NoFap Diet (so to say) your brain is completely deprived of the Dopamine which causes all those happy feelings etc. So that would explain why you are feeling down in the dumps. Now if you have read up on the affect of P on the brain and all that, you know you have to give the brain time to re-wire itself. But this has to be done while giving it Dopamine from an alternate source. So you HAVE to find a hobby or some physical activity that makes you happy about doing it. Reason why so many people advocate to physical exercise etc because doing it automatically releases "happy" hormones like serotonin etc which in turn will give you a Dopamine-ish effect.

    So coming back to your question, the counters etc are a helpful guide and tool to achieve your goal. but the real goal is to re-wire your brain and to do that you need to get an alternate hobby or past time.

    All the best on your journey man!

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