I will never masturbate again

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Westsidejimmy, Mar 26, 2019.

  1. Westsidejimmy

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    It's all the same. PMO, following politics, and if you have a job that involves a lot of data analytics like me your still masturbating at work. I've stopped all such unnecessary activity and after 320 or so days this is the first day I haven't had a headache in at least 13 years. That computer is destroying your soul brothers.
  2. Gmork

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    Never a truer word spoken.
  3. davidx

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    My job keeps me glued to my phone and computer- my way to unwind and relax..... usually the internet / YouTube, etc.

    I am 50 I remember no computers and no internet and hell I remember rotary phones. Lol

    Technology is great but it’s taking over and encroaching on EVERY aspect of our existence.

    Easy to see why so many people get so addicted to Social Media and PMO, etc.
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  4. Westsidejimmy

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    I am worried as shit about my own kids. I used to justify my screen time thinking I was helping cure cancer. Now I realize it was part of my addiction. I'm negotiating a new job right now and one of the key points is limited screen time.
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  5. Gmork

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    I think everyone should be concerned.
    The bigger picture is far more frightening than porn addiction.
    Even the cumulative side effects of the Internet are becoming normalised.
    I also think that somehow my life stopped when the Internet appeared.
    I don't even want to think about another 20 years of progress.
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  6. Abu_sameer

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    Data analytics? interesting im studying data science field, still learning the basics , is your job hard?
  7. Westsidejimmy

    Westsidejimmy Fapstronaut

    My job encompasses way more than that. I'm a scientist with a couple of decades of experience. The data just became a large part of my job in the last ten years. Now with AI coming on line I think a lot of data science jobs might disappear in the next decade.
  8. Gmork

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    Cheers @Westsidejimmy
    I've enjoyed reading your posts, and they've given me real food for thought this past couple of days.
    I'm similar in that I follow politics and especially news, and then get upset by issues over which I have no control, - and yet they are habitual.
    Can I ask you how you stopped such unnecessary activities, and ideas about various other unrecognised habits.
    I'm really interested in your methods.
    Thanks & best wishes.
  9. Westsidejimmy

    Westsidejimmy Fapstronaut

    I just hit bottom one day and turned my laptop off. Since then I have barely looked at it. I got off of social media a long time ago. Turns out all my real friends know how to communicate with me outside of Facebook.

    I read an article about politics and the news detailing what it was like 100 years ago. People were lucky to get the national news once a month. Most went about their lives rarely if ever talking about politics. Of course they were busy trying to survive but what if in today's society you just tuned out of all of it. Turns out for me that works. I just don't care unless it's going to directly impact me or my family.
    And the politicians want you to be emotionally involved. It's the fast pass to your wallet.
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  10. Gmork

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    Thanks for that, mate.
    I left social media (FB & the other one) over two years ago, - exactly as you described. I just left and didn't look back.
    It turned out that my personal world is a lot smaller and less populated than I thought, which is okay.
    I think I've substituted social media with news and politics, which I've sworn off many times, but keep coming back to it.
    I was thinking a few days ago that it was just like any other online habit, it hooks you with some threat of one kind or another, and keeps you emotionally invested, and then you posted this thread, so the timing was perfect.
  11. over50

    over50 Fapstronaut

    Good advice. I have my own rules when it comes to social media. I stopped Instagram with the exception of personal friends, FB is also OK - only personal friends, no triggers; on YT I am marking anything that might be triggering with "not interested" and I am only following certain topics (news, politics, specific sports activities - no "fitness" topics as they are full of triggers). Helps me a lot to stay away from the "slippery slope". Good luck to you!
  12. Vir Rex

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    I'm forced to use my computer a lot as I'm finishing up my Senior Thesis. After I'm done, I'm gonna work in nature so I'll never have to look at any abominable LED screen ever again!
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