i will not self m , just because i am lonely.

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    I am doing well, thank you!! I feel like my motivation is slowly increasing every day, I have a supportive community at church, and I know God is with me now so I don't feel lonely so much.

    Are your triggers getting any easier to deal with?
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  2. 55
    yes they are getting a lot easier, and I am feeling better about my self. I have come to terms, rather then try to change my triggers, or make them go away, I just have to follow the principals of the bible, and not do wrong things. even though I still feel like doing them, I just can not do it, and thinking like that makes it much easier for me.
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    That is good, it takes away the option mentally. I'm glad to hear you are doing well.
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  4. yes!!!
  5. so hard, I really don't want to have to reset my counter, I want to be able to connect emotional to others, and I know masturbation takes that away from me. and you really said it well, just the fact that it takes away the option, it does not matter if I still feel like doing, sex before marriage, I don't have to try and change or be hard on my self, I just follow the rule. it just makes it so much easier.
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  6. I just want to be able to please others, and make others happy, I mean get in there world, not be stuck in my world, and I want to please women, and make them happy, and if I am self centered I can not do that, there is even a verse in the good book that says, it's bad to be lovers of your self, so I think as I quit, I will better able connect with women, on there terms.
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    I think you should be authentic and true to yourself most of all. I know somebody who pleases people and he always feels short changed. He can give and he gives a lot but he finds it difficult to take and receive. That creates a relationship that is one sided and unhappy for him as he always feel unappreciated and hurt because people do not return to him what he is giving out.

    The only way you will ever make other people happy is when you are happy and comfortablewith who you are yourself. If you feel comfortable and at peace in your own skin, if you accept your own faults, past mistakes and heal your grudges, people around you will feel comfortable and at peace too.
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  8. yes, your so right, I have to start being my own person and just be my self, not always try to be some one else. people can read through that any way, when I am trying to just put on airs. yes thanks for reminding me of this.
  9. I feel like I am doing better, but it is just my pride, that is not doing well, my ego, and my selfish nature. I feel like I need to much. I should be less needy, but I give and give to my growing, but I just never seem to get ahead.
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    Healing is in the journey not the destination. When you get to 90 days you'll still be there.
    I'm glad you're here. Glad you're invision a better you. Hold on to that vision, nurture it and it will manifest itself in you.
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  11. yep, these are what I need to be focusing on.
  12. I finally quit looking at p subs, I am done. I don't want it. I don't need it. I am finally done with all computer sexual related stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  13. only 82 more days I can do this. I am going to the gym in a while to work out. I can not have 3 minutes of pleasure.
    I CAN NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    God is with you
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  16. Thank you for reminding me, I forget sometimes.
  17. come here talk with me. I am alone as well :(

    and i relapsed 2 days ago T_T
  18. its hard not to relapse, I kind of got back into daily p subs. but I will start over again.
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  19. You can join NoFap group on KIK.

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