I wish I could be with her.

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    I am feeling incredibly lonely. It's depressing and makes me physically sick.

    Fapping used to distract me from this. Now that I ain't fapping, I am feeling these problems in their full force.

    There's this senior in my college. She is the coolest person I have ever known. Like she is everything I dreamt of being when I was a child. She is kind, very smart, modest, witty, mature, well-organised and very helpful.

    I don't have a crush on her. I wholeheartedly consider her to be my elder sister. I wish she was by my side cuddling me and showering me with her love but she doesn't know of my problems. She is busy with her own life.

    I am heartbroken at my loneliness and will find a way to grow happy in it. I wish I could say I love her but I don't throw that word around lightly. Love would be a strong enough feeling to make me stop feeling sick. *Sigh*.

    I deserve my pain. I have fapped myself into this shit.
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  2. Meshuga

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    That’s called a crush. You’re in denial.
    Yeah maybe, but you’re going to recover out of it. At some point you earn the right to say, “fapping is a thing I used to do, but not anymore.”

    Learning to exist with uncomfortable feelings without resorting to PMO is a key part of recovery. Keep at it.
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    ARESIAN Fapstronaut

    Thank for taking the time to comment man. I appreciate your support.

    Look, I'm gonna have to respectfully disagree on the crush thing. I don't want to debate it. I know how I feel. But again, no offence and thank you for commenting :)

    Also, congrats on making it to day 94!!
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  4. nomo

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    What's preventing you from asking her out and perhaps making her your girlfriend?
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    ARESIAN Fapstronaut

    Well I won't be asking her out 'coz I think of her as a sister.

    Even if I did like her though, she's already with someone.
  6. Tom️

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    I think some people are confused because of the cuddling and showering with love part. Sounds like you just want someone to be there with you for support, like a platonic friend. I knew a woman that did that with me, and I was kind weirded out by it since I always saw cuddling as a romantic/intimate act.

    Unfortunately there isn’t much to say other than you have to push through it. Hopefully things get better for you sooner than later.
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    ARESIAN Fapstronaut

    Yeah you're right. I can see how that would make someone think like I wanted something romantic from her. You're spot on about the platonic friend part. That's all I want. I'm one of those people that'll use the word love even when I talk about the bond between two friends.

    I will push through it. Thanks for commenting and understanding. Good luck in your journey!!
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  8. nomo

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    This threw me off, "I wish she was by my side cuddling me." Most people would not expect to be cuddled by their platonic friend.
    Head out and find a girlfriend and your problems will be solved.
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    Yeah I understand what you're saying. I meant like long hugs and pats on the back. I know friends don't really do that stuff with as much intimacy as my post suggests. That's why I think of her as a sister.

    I'll have to think about the girlfriend part. I have a lot going on in my life right now.
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  10. Mr. Unhappy

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    I wouldn't give in to these Alpha Woman. Ironically back in Middle School There was a girl I wasted having a crush on for years and even in High School I had to hang out with her because of my friend group even after High School I would see glimpses of her. It was like everything was perfect about her and it's just energy draining dude. I realized I can't keep gazing and liking a woman that I'll never have a chance with. Literally it was like this Blonde angel didn't quit. I always wondered why she had it so good. Out of all my friends she was the one that seemed like she had her shit figured out, she was always with a man, gorgeous and blond. I just never understood. I had crushed on her and it was the dumbest thing I've ever done. They seriously get pass goes and its annoying as shit.

    Dude what I can suggest is to focus on your self and enjoy hobbies and activities as much as you can. If you find a career just focus on it and forward your self. These type of girls are a waste of time, unless you go balls deep and grow a pair to talk to her and ask her out.

    ARESIAN Fapstronaut

    First off thank you for commenting on my post man. It means a lot!

    And secondly, I'm sorry you had to go through that man. I can see how it can be draining as hell.

    I will take your advice and enjoy my hobbies and work on my career.

    Hopefully in the future the both of us will be in a position where we can attract top-tier women!!

    Good luck in your journey!!