I wish I were asexual

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by StayClean&Proactive, Oct 1, 2021.

  1. StayClean&Proactive

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    I hate having sexual desires. I wish I was like animals and only craved sex for reproduction. I’m tired of comparing myself to other guys. I’m sick of living in this oversexualized society. I’ve noticed most modern men are either fuckboys or incels, there’s no regular guys anymore. I wish I could stop thinking about sex 24/7, I wish I could stop getting aroused when I see girls in low cut shirts and swimsuits. I wish I could finally think with my mind and not my dick. I had a relapse and I feel awful. I miss the days before I hit puberty and I didn’t worry about women 24/7, I’m so tired of it. I hate having a sex drive, I wish I can shut it off.
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    Try saying all of this to you inner self - that guy sitting in your mind who thinks you should only fuck, eat and shit. This guy is actually your subconscious, he is not aware that you must work to get eat and do lots of other things not related to mating. So try to visualize him in the room in your mind, then tell him to go to the corner and stay there - and not try to leave this place - you will allow him to leave it at some time in future - maybe. Now he cant disturb you with his stupid sex temptations because its not helthy for you. If you ever will think about sex, P. etc. - then you will know who has left his corner - you should tell that guy to go back to his place, you may even do it the rough way - like to the noughty child. good luck :)
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    Me too man, I really wish I were assexual but unfortunately I'm homosexual (something that I hate), but I think with the time you'll learn how to deal with this kind of things. Life would be a way easier if I were assexual, or millionaire, or handsome and friendly, but I'm not, life isn't easy, like you I have strong sexual desire that I need to control every day.
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  4. Struggle Bug

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    I've honestly been thinking the same. I've had my fill of casual sex but it never could fulfill me. I suppose I long for emotional connections but with our current generation, it's quite difficult.. people want something easy, something fast, no strings attached. I've recently just went back here in the forum because I have just been feeling conflicted about everything. Honestly it won't be too bad to be asexual... if only I could accept myself as I am.

    Sexuality is fluid as I've always been told, so maybe it is not impossible.
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    If someone gets to the point in which he or she doesn't care about sex anymore the that person is in God level. When you get to the point in which if you see a porn image or even watch a porn video and don't get horny but you are like you don't care then you are in the top of the world. That's for sure
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  6. silentmike

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    Well, woman reach at some age their menopause which lower their libido.

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