I won. 1 Year. That’s it. That’s the thread.

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by ss1111, Aug 28, 2021.

  1. ss1111

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    After 1 year of failure, self doubt crash in self confidence and what not I have finally beaten this. I finally had sex properly. I’m so happy. I had plenty of ups and downs, phases where I was on PMO again, but I fought through and I won.

    I give all my credit to NOFAP. That’s what started my recovery initially and now I feel so good and so much better.

    Thanks guys and thank you NOFAP my saviour.
  2. bananafarm.monkey

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    damn... See you at the other side!
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  3. Buddhism Is True

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    Proper sex does come with it’s fair share of ups and downs to say nothing of the ins and outs. You give the credit to nofap, I give the credit to you.
  4. Can you tell us what and how has your live improved? How do you feel now? Thanks
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  5. Asgardian36

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    man.....these people come in here and just be like hey I'm sober so and so days without saying what actions helped them achieve it, ...clowns.
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  6. Don't be harsh. There are tons of feedback from lots of other people. New feedback is always welcome, but we can't force anybody to do it or to start calling people clowns just because they don't act within expectations.
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  7. You could just ask.
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  8. GowthamAravindh

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    I think people like me and you are only clowns here because when somebody achieves a long streak, They dont speak much. Their mind will not overthink about the problem.
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  9. juanpavlov

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    Congrats man, keep it up!
  10. juanpavlov

    juanpavlov Fapstronaut

    That ain't true.
    I'm an example that I don't say too much but if you ask me what has been helping I can tell you my daily routine.
    This guy probably has a lot to say as me too, although it could be difficult to interpret such things in a nutshell.
    My advice is don't sit at home and overthink about it, if you do so, the more you will gravitate back to your old life.
  11. Something I can say...

    I don't have the crazy urges anymore, but even thought I have reached 120 days my brain still trying to play tricks on me. For example, yesterday I had a major family drama. You know, the typical complaining, arguing about some bullshit and eventually both side are upset and super mad etc..

    Later when I was by my self, right away my brain was like: You see.. they don't care for you so you deserve to relax, PMO. Fuck it all and everyone.
    Back in the days I used to bend down to this type of mentality so easy. Not anymore, because I know my life is much better now.

    Other example: Can't sleep for whatever reason.
    My brain: Just PMO this time and you will be able to sleep and I promise I wont bother you next time.

    Today, for whatever I can't sleep, I just pick a book and read. Guaranteed I will fall sleep in 15 mins.

    Getting to 90+ days, it does not means that you will be 100% free from your old-self, but your new-self is more fun, interesting, smarter and happier.

    Who are you going to listen to when you are feeling the urges?
    Be the new you!

    Good luck everyone!
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