I would of relapsed today if it wasn't for blockers?

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by skaterdrew, May 22, 2019.

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    Basically I got rid of my smart phone over a year ago, and I have my laptop blocked to the point you wouldn't believe. Someone else holds the password for the blocks ext, and I have made it near impossible to bypass without the password. There will be a way to bypass it, but it would be so much hassle it wouldn't be worth the effort.

    Last night I was actually dreaming about porn. I wasn't dreaming about having sex with beautiful women or anything like that, I was dreaming about masturbating to porn. When I woke up this morning it felt like I had been dreaming about porn the entire night. So when I woke up this morning I really wanted to search and watch porn. I didn't want to masturbate without porn, but I wanted to search and watch porn while masturbating. I spent about 20 minutes this morning trying to bypass the porn blocks. Thankfully I couldn't get passed them. Now I am back in the strict mindset I must give up all porn/artificial sexual stimulation.

    But the point I am making is if I could of accessed porn this morning I 100% would of PMOed. The extreme blockers stopped me.

    The worry is I feel like I can't use blockers like this forever. The worry is we live in a digital world where porn is far too easily accessible. The worry is porn is always going to have the potential to be highly appealing and arousing, regardless of how long you're away from it or how much you have recovered. Porn and artificial sexual stimulation is even highly appealing and arousing to guys who don't have an addiction or problem with it.

    The urge to view porn might weaken the longer you're away from it. But did you realise the more you have recovered and the more your sexual sensitivity improves the more arousing porn would be if you did end up on it again?

    This was a message I received from Noah Church, one of the leading guys in this field.

    I did say that porn has less of a hold over you the longer you are free from it, which means that urges will be fewer and farther between. However, as you recover your sexual sensitivity will improve and increase, meaning that if you ever go back to porn then it will feel more powerful and stimulating than before.
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    Why? Use them while you need them, and if that is forever so be it. Loads of guys here quit porn without blockers (I don't use them) but if you need them then do not feel worried about using them.
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    F*ck blockers.
    For ME best blocker is give up technology when I am free. I know that if I do anything else, then I relapse, so I decide to give up technology in my free time and do other great things who can help me to pass this addiction.

    Is a war, is not easy. Is very hard to abstain when you are staring at your smartphone or laptop, when you(or me or other) loose time on this devices.

    Togheter we are strong, don't forget this. I understand you!

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