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Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by buffness, May 28, 2020.

  1. buffness

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    A few days ago, I got drunk and asked out one of my female friends via text (my annoying friend guided me to do it cause he knew I was drunk) and she said yes, stating that she has liked me for a long time too. Problem is I don't actually like her back. The next day, I called her and told her what happened and how I wanna cancel the date which made her very sad (I could tell by her voice on the phone, I think she was even about to cry), so I promised her one date because I felt sorry for her. How do I go about politely friend-zoning her after the date? or should I just cancel the date?

    Ugh please dont mock/insult me. I know what I did was wrong and I feel really bad for it.
  2. Cioxim

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    You shouldn't have called her. The nicest way wouldve been to go on the date and then later reveal to her that you don't think you want to keep dating her.

    All of that's out the door don't waste your time with the pity. Tell her you can't do it early that day make up some story you can't go on the date for a week and just forget about it.
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    Yeah I agree with the guy above me said^ my advice would be go for it see how it goes?
  4. buffness

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    I just told her the truth before the date even started, how I just see her as a friend. I'm out of this icky situation now.
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    If you can't handle yourself while drunk, don't drink.

    Cancel the date, apologize to her in person. She is probably not going to want to speak to you for a while, let her be. Hopefully someday she will move on and became available to be friends with you again.
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