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Discussion in 'NoFap Technical Support and Feedback' started by ChicagoGenXGuy, Mar 3, 2019.

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    It's powerful. It's inspirational. It's funny. It's moving. It's poetry. This idea might not be a first here. My thought is to encourage poetry by and for the users here, and consolidate it in an easy to find & browse location.

    There would be rules, curation, and moderation of course. Not for quality per se, but rather appropriateness. No erotic poetry or blatant triggers, politics, hate, misogyny, etc.

    I'm leaning against prose and essays. That's what journals are for. I'm thinking about poems with beginnings and ends, purpose, careful thought, main points, etc. Otherwise the door could be open for the inane, sanctimonious ramblings of anyone with an opinion (like this post?)

    I have a half dozen or so poems in my journal. I'd like to share them and also be able to enjoy the poems of other brothers & sisters here. Who knows what positive thoughts and actions they could inspire?

    At the very least it could stand out in this ocean of content and help Nofappers realize they're not alone. Our problems and pain are shared, but solutions abound and a better life beckons. Poetry doesn't solve or fix anything, but it can open doors in minds, hearts and souls, just like music.

    Thoughts? How would the powers that be at Nofap become aware of this idea and consider it for a dedicated forum?

    Thanks - CGXG
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    That would better suit a group IMO.
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  3. Why not just post the poems in your journal? I've done that before and received good feedback. As @IGY might know, people (myself, my AP, etc) tend to format their journals in different ways and if you want people to see it, to be encouraged to post their own works, start with the journals and go from there. c:
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    DRuGNikT isnt sure he understands what Full is saying, but its just like / me in server, but also with / you

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