If it's a dopamine addiction, thoughts about reuptake inhibitor meds?

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Sad Wife, Oct 15, 2016.

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    I was just thinking, if it's actually a dopamine addiction that my husband is dealing with, what are the opinions out there about going on a medicine traditionally used for depression. Many of these depression meds help with allowing more dopamine to circulate in the body by preventing it from being re-absorbed.

    A helpful tool for detox and relapse prevention?
    A crutch that could wind up just being a new addiction?
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    That's a good question. First of all one would have to talk to their doctor about it (total honesty). Having a list of question and making sure one is asking the right ones is important. Do you think your husband's primary problem is pmo or depression? Does he use other drugs or drink alcohol? Drinking small amounts of alcohol while on an anti-depressant can have negative side effects. Speaking of side effects. Do your own research on each medication. Look at the side effects because they can be very real and more harmful then the benefits of the medication.

    Also it can take time to find the right medication. It took me years to find the right combination of medication. Plus I had to stop drinking alcohol. Also if your looking for a confidential way to get to the doctor to talk about this subject. Say, "Anxiety" problems. That can spare some embarrassment. Also be brief until you find the right doctor. General doctors aren't usually the best. Psychiatrists maybe be better but talking to a sex therapist may yield better results. Therapist don't usually give meds but spend a lot more time on the subject (45 minutes to and hour). Psychiatrists do prescribe meds but spend little time on the subject (15 minutes maybe 30 minutes). Depends on your insurance. Can be expensive!

    "A helpful tool for detox and relapse prevention?" I'm not qualified to say. I think for some people it could be but I haven't read any research studies. If you do find something it could harm your sex life with your husband. He may become disinterested in sex all together.

    "A crutch that could wind up just being a new addiction?" SSRI aren't addictive. Personally I think the train of thought is your brain has found a chemical that it has been missing. For that moment in time or for the rest of ones life but all my doctors say that they are not narcotics/addictive. Plus I don't feel addicted to them. I feel awkward if I don't take them but it's nothing like stopping drinking or smoking.

    Most importantly. Bring your husband into this conversation. It would make me so paranoid if my wife or someone was talking about my pmo behind my back. You may have to go to a therapist or watch a movie on sex addiction to bring up the topic. Personally I like the movie, "Thanks For Sharing". It has Gwyneth Paltrow, Mark Ruffalo, Alecia "Pink" Moore in it. Gwyneth does turn on the sexy in some parts of the movie but overall if you want to bring up the conversation. That's one movie to do it with. Unless you can be blunt with him.

    Feel free to message me back with more questions.

    Take easy
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    Hi welcome to the forum, sorry we have to be here.
    If he do not want to change there is nothing that will fix him, but if he is ready I would ask if you have thought about a less addictive approach.
    If you believe in the loss of grey matter in the brain using porn like scans suggest, why not just as well give it some extra Lecithin.
    If you believe in the loss of neurotransmitters, then make more with amino acid.
    If you feel depressed then you fill up on the vitamin B spectrum which in clinical test have had a tremendous effect.
    The cool thing about supplements, is that you do not become a zombie, you are actually just balancing your brain with what it needs.
    Read more : http://www.doctoryourself.com/depression.html
    I have no idea if it helps, I am still in the progress of trowing stones at my partner until he hits his needed rock bottom, and working on my exit plan at the same time.
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    Haha, I've never had a hard time being blunt nor talking openly with my husband--that made me laugh out loud as I'm an over communicator-type (also, over-thinker and over-doer :)).

    I'm talking about meds that affect dopamine, not SSRIs, which are solely serotonin-focused. The classes I'm talking about are NDRIs (like Wellbutrin) or psychostimulants (like Adderall), both of which target dopamine.

    Yes, I know it would of course be a conversation to have with a psychiatrist, but I guess what I'm wondering is if there are men who have tried this route, and whether it was a positive, negative, or neutral experience for them.

    My husband himself has wondered which came first--depression symptoms or porn addiction. Since he has been doing it since he was a pre-teen, the question becomes was he so attracted to porn because he was self-medicating hereditarily low dopamine, or did years of porn cause his dopamine levels to be disregulated. It probably doesn't matter much in terms of actually solving this problem, and the answer is probably "both," but this relates back to my over-thinking and unending desire to understand, like, everything. :)
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    nooooooo, you need receptor upregulation. The opposite of this happens when there is high dopamine, making him crave even more dopamine as his receptors shut down. I wonder if there is a dopamine blocker, that way even if you watch porn you dont get the rush so you can look at everything with clarity. You could make him watch the thing he was watching and hed most definitely be disgusted. Would be cool if such a drug existed
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    That's cool that your trying to have some empathy around your husbands pmo. For me I was depressed before pmo. I stopped drinking and doing other drugs. I didn't think pmo was a real problem. I'm single and don't date a lot but from my teens till I was 26 I drank and used drugs. No time for girls. I gamble a little too. Then I got sober and went to college and worked. To exhausted to date at that time. Wasn't until I watch the Ted Talk that I realized that this was a problem.

    I've taking Trazodone and Wilburton. I really like the Trazodone it lifted me out of a dark place. It didn't stop the pmo but I haven't ever taken medications to stop pmo. Wilburton was different I didn't like it so much. I also take Valproate. That didn't really help a lot but I notice a difference if I don't take it. All in all if I have a bad episode with pmo. Taking the medications helps pull me out of a depression. Not to say I wouldn't be depressed any way.

    Personally I think we do things to deal with the our social lives by taking control of things that are out of our control. We had a bad day at work so we drink. Not a big deal but if it's habit then one can develop a drinking problem:(. Same with food and anything else. I think depression is the underlying problem. When I was drinking they couldn't really treat the depression because of the chemical imbalance of the alcohol. It would be good to try to stop the pmo and see if a chemical balance can be reach. If still depressed then go for medications. That's my unprofessional opinion:D

    Sounds like you have done a lot of research already and know a lot already. Just good to talk it over:cool:. I've asked about medication on here before too. Personally I have a therapist and a psychiatrist. I need both. Most psychiatrist only talk to you for about 15 minutes and are only interested in how the medication is work or not working; feels apathetic at times. Therapy is more personal and discoveries can be made.

    It's good that you have a "blunt" relationship with your husband:). Glad I made you laugh:D. Although the movie is still good;)

    Take it easy.

    P.S. Different models for help. Medical model, Self help groups (nofap:) and S.A.A), responsibility(pull your self up by your own boot straps), and the religious model (find God). I wouldn't just limit it to just these models but it's a start.

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