If someone can help me with advice, I will be so greatful.

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    I don’t mean to make a reassurance post. Or to “cry” for help.

    I would appreciate help if your willing. I just need advice. I know that the answers I’m looking for are obvious. But here is a quick summary of what is going on.

    I’ve been binging unhealthy for days. I need to stop. I want to stop. This is only because of ocd. I’ve been fapping when I’m not even aroused. Out of ocd. I feel the need to “reset” if I have bad thoughts on my last relapse.

    I know it sounds ridiculous. And it is.

    I’m not here to try and be told it’s normal. I’ve just seen this happen to others on this forum. And i am only seeking advice.

    (Let me give an example of a thought I had before and how the process went.)

    I reset my counter and started my streak and About 5 minutes in, I had this intrusive thought, (graphic) I was a pedo.

    I felt the need to fap again to reset any bad thoughts or anything bad from my mind and conscience.

    Any advice? This needs to end.
  2. Are you using masturbation to reset because of the post nut clarity then? This isn't the way as you probably know. Yes you may have it in your mind longer if you don't act on it but that's why people consider it a fight and a struggle, and even though there are things you might do on other levels sometimes you do have to resist.

    Without knowing anything else about you it's really hard to say what other things you might try, but overall you can't just flip a switch and get rid of a thought. It may have to be as simple as something like setting a goal of not acting out on it for 5 minutes. That's not a small thing if you are not trying to distract yourself and just sit with the feeling and/or the thought.

    Have you been diagnosed with OCD or is it your own understanding it is OCD?

    And the thought you are a pedo doesn't make you a pedo, any more than the thought anyone is having sex means they are having sex. I hope that's clear and helpful.
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    Try to do something physical everyday it's more easy to control the body than the mind. A healthy body is the prelude to a healthy mind, they are connected.

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