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Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by BeastGuy360, Jul 7, 2019.

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    Hello members,

    Recently I have been on a 35 day streak and it been awesome. I can see a difference in myself and women can sense it to.

    My main question is there is this girl who I talked to that felt like she knew everything about me almost. We met at work and we barely see one another but I sense that we hit it off pretty will.

    Keep in mind we got hired at the same time and we have the same job. But we both just got promoted with different titles. So we won’t be able to see one another that often anymore. I do have her Snapchat but she does not use it much.

    Every topic that was brought up is what she did or what she does. It felt like a communication chemistry was there.

    Unfortunately she has a boyfriend and I wonder if she just has insight on who I am and she just is one of those girls who like to get guys attracted to them for attention.

    You think I should try to go for it or stay away. Questions or Advice would be much appreciated. I can give some insight on our conversations and who I know of her as a person.

    From the few interactions we have it felt as if she was really into me one day and then the next it felt like we are friends. I’ve been just been really confused and don’t know how I should play it out.
  2. Stay away, she has a boyfriend. It would be very immoral. She's probably just trying to be friendly and you could possibly be overthinking it.
  3. This is a stupid and shitty thing to do. She has a boyfriend, move on bro. Try to put yourself in his situation. I guarantee you’re not going to like it. Also, I subscribe to “don't shit where you eat” philosophy. Just move on my guy.
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  4. I wouldn’t say you necessarily need to stay away from her. Just give up the idea of going for it and being in a deeper relationship. Just be content with a friendly work relationship.

    I’m friends with married/attached females at work and those friendships stay at work, no interactions away from work, no attempts to interact away from work, all strictly platonic at work only relationships. Those women are off limits for anything else.

    If you don’t think you can handle having the friendship just stay at work and you find yourself wanting to go further then I say stay away. That sort of thing gets very very messy and not worth it.

    If she’s married, the reason is obvious.

    If she has a boyfriend and she says she’ll hang out with you too on the side, then she’s a player that’s not a good person to be around.

    Also as Lazarus said, you don’t want to “shit where you eat”.
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    I appreciate the advice fellas.

    Now that I’ve came back to this I will give you an update:

    Part of the problem is me still recovering I believe.

    Moving on will be the right way to handle it due for it being a huge risk. The fact that it is work and the boyfriend is a pretty much a trap.
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    She happened to mention she had one after our like 3rd little interaction.

    Does not talk about him to me though.

    My theory is she just wants my attention for a ego boost.
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    Boyfriend = Not available.
    Stay away.

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