If you ask me what is the key to live a better life ? i can answer you

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by adslo, Dec 12, 2017.

  1. adslo

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    Usually i don't like to talk a lot so i pass directly to the main topic
    There is 10 keys to live a better life :

    1-Don't underestimate yourself.
    2-Love yourself.
    3-Change yourself to a better person.
    4-Don't compare yourself to others.
    5-Fuck what other think about you.
    6-Don't try to be a good person with others,but respect who respect you.
    7-Be strong , don't be afraid of facing others.
    8-Try to be the better version of yourself through changing your way of thinking.
    9-Always be happy,relaxed,positive no matter what happened to you.
    10-And the most important one find a sexy girlfriend (you can't if you don't have the qualities above)
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    Kinda low qualification for girlfriend. You have to be this and that but girl just have to look good. Its like girl dont need any of the character qualities, health mind, thinking and perception to self and world around.
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  3. Chumanew

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    Depends on how you defind sexy mate. Sexy could as well include character

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