If you could choose your dream partner...

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    If you could somehow pick or choose who you'd want to date, what qualities or traits would you want them to have? What would you want them to look like?

    For me, a 20 year old bisexual male, I would prefer a guy anywhere 18 to 25, a tad bit chubby (like anywhere from 200 to 220) with a good personality, a sense of humor, doesn't smoke or drink or do drugs,would always be loyal and there for me, and always down to cuddle.

    What would you prefer?
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  2. himmelstoss

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    everything i'm doing is so i wont have to choose
  3. ItsNotWorthIt

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    A girl that sticks with me till i die
    enjoys fitness
    open for soft drugs (only using it together)
    dont care about the looks... after a few months in the gym with me she will look great anyway.
    personality changes so idc about that either, just dont be a bitch, dont command me
    dont try to be the boss over me, no alpha beta bullshit
    just be a "human"... we are not monkeys anymore right
    and must cuddle everyday

    all the above is very possible
    only thing that will never happen is the stick together till death part
    girls are jumping everywhere now
    using guys as shoes "you dont go to a shoe store without shoes on" right
    ye ye not every girl is like that just joking around a bit
    just love me and i love you
    thats all there is
    dont try to find a reason to live because there is non
    even if you did something that changes the world
    in the end it wouldnt matter anyway
    so just let me hold you while we watch how the world is changing while we stay the same loving couple

    i want to be like 100years together with that girl and then when she dies cuz of natural causes
    i die from a heart attack because i cant handle the fact that shes gone
    a literal heartbreak
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  4. Sleeping_Beauty

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    Dream man:

    Shallow things:
    he'd be tall, handsome, with dark auburn hair and green eyes, pale skin and some freckles, really thin but strong, muscular but not lots of hypertrophy, long fingers, graceful, caries himself with good posture. Ideally he'd have taken a dancing class or two, or maybe he'd be a martial artist.

    More important things: I tend to like ENTp types, since they are my Socionics dual, and I've liked them even before I found out about duality. So I want someone who is extroverted with a strong ability to see creative possibilities, who loves to break old systems and try out every new idea, and who uses logic to bring those ideas about in the world. I also want someone who enjoys being taken care of physically and being given tons of nurturing attention, because that's what I want to do when I like someone.

    Most important things:
    He'd feel free to be the most authentic him possible. He'd be independent. He'd have integrity and respect for life. He'd be completely trustworthy, so I can trust him to be the leader in my life. He'd have control over his sexuality, and would be happy to do karezza. He'd value our connection before immediate gratification. He'd have his purpose, and let me help him in it.

    In the end, he'd be someone I can marry, he'd be my best friend, he'd be the one man I look up to and follow.

    Edit: It's also important that we both appreciate and respect our gender differences.
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  5. She's funny, she's my age so 16, is accepting of the fact that I play video games too much, she does too sometimes. She likes rock, heavy metal and even a bit of metalcore music like me, doesn't get into trouble, she's rather shy and introverted and doesn't have very good social skills like me, we're on the same level. She's rather blunt and always tells me the truth and what she thinks even if it might hurt my feelings. She's an atheist like me (I've nothing against religion) but we relate on everything. She would go on roadtrips up north with me and doesn't need her phone every 5 seconds. She loves animals and children and wouldn't mind raising some when we're a bit older. As for looks she's shorter than average, and has black hair a few inches longer than mine, which is just touching my shoulders. She's also a bit tan. But I don't much care for looks.
  6. Dream Partner - my best friend and my worst enemy! Can lay down her life for me. Can kill me if I'm in the wrong. Doesn't hold back from being her own person but recognizes that a fusion of our spirits will liberate us. Actively challenges me to be a better person - never bounded to me, always an open-door relationship. If things are not working out i.e. I'm lagging behind in whatever or she is, not afraid of confrontation and if need be, has the strength to let me go or walk away. We stay together despite everything... love is limitless, endless, and infinite. Willing to lift any and all of my burdens and I, hers. She's an extension of my being. No matter how great a day we had or great a quarrel, everything is forgiven or stored away for later by the time of sleep. Maddeningly stubborn - can handle furious judgment and understands a no BS approach to life. Wants to better herself and the world. Has regrets or failures (I know that she took risks and over-extended herself) but isn't encumbered by them. This was a fun game... who I will find is who I will deserve in the long run. It doesn't matter in reality, who it is. Once we meet, she should be absolutely open to change and so should I... we can be and make our own life when we meet.
  7. VexedCoffee

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    Looks: Works out and has a 6 pack, I'd settle for a swimmers build too but he has to be able to open all the jars I can't.
    Hair in all the right places.
    I love beards or even 5 o clock shadows, feels great on bare skin
    Soft curly hair, the kind you'd like to run your hands through
    Strong arms, makes cuddling so much more fun when you can grope his forearms
    Strong Calves - I have no idea why, they just look so different from womens I could stare at them all day long
    A tan from surfing/hiking/ etc.
    Manly voice
    Well toned butt
    Has to be a better person than me morally
    Doesn't compromise on his values
    Likes himself
    Has a purpose in life
    Not a door mat
    Emotionally stable
    Good sportsmanship
    Adventurous - willing to try new things (sexually too)
    Has a sense of humour
    Easy to please
    Great with kids
    Patient but doesn't put up with my BS
  8. avatarivn

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    Lets see:

    Meaningless stuff: She must have eyes in a blue or green color (top priority on my list of shallow stuff)
    I would prefer her blonde.
    She must not speak my native language (aiming for the hot, sexy accent here)

    Really important stuff: She must be passionate about something that is not for living (I mean, she could play an instrument, practice a sport, cook, dance, whatever, but she must have fun doing so and be willing to put aside time for her hobbies)
    She must be a good listener and have a nice sense of humor.
    She must like going out (I am a naturally shut-in person so perhaps chasing after her will help leave the house and enjoy nature).
  9. Great to realize that all your dream partners walk down the street everyday.
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