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    Hi guys this was my second attempt doing nofap my goal was 90 days and I did it successfully,I felt very good during nofap that wasn’t so hard I’m not addict or something like that,I did it to see if it really can help attract more women and helping with increasing testosterone/getting facial hair and things like that and it really helped me and I felt all the benefits now after 95 days I
    masturbated,my question is if after 90 days of napfap and I got the benefits and feeling better by 1 Ejaculation I may “loose” the benefits,or it’s just dropping my testosterone for few days and after 1 week I will be kind of on track,I really liked the way it felt and I want to keep avoiding
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    even if physically you feel fine you have cheated yourself I would know I relapsed recently. Please brother do not relapse i regret it you will regret it we all regret it every time we slip
    forget about testosterone focus on the goal which is no pmo the benefits come and go
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    My Journal
    Relapsed. Go for it again. Forget about T levels.
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    Guys there is no evidence such as high testosterone after 7 day remake. I know you feel differently and maybe more focused, more alive and everything but this doesnt have to do with pure evidence and scientically proof. We shouldnt make false statements based on our experience talking like its a science fact or sth. I truly believe in benefits coming from long absistence but i cant surely tell you what happens. I hope more research to be done in this topic.

    Also testosterone has been shown to drop after masturbation short term and then goes back to normal. This is scientifically proved. Dont get caught into theories and bro-science because people outside of nofap sees us as frauds.

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