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  1. Hey bros,
    I'm looking for guys who are real about their struggles. I struggle with porn and jerking off and am looking for other guys who are able to talk about their struggles without blushing or pretending that they dont struggle as much as they do.
    If you are into being real.. hit me up.

    I'm 29 btw
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    Im im Craig in the UK, i struggle hard not to fap
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    Hey Bro, I’m 29 as well and have been struggling for years. Every time I relapse, I tell myself that “I’m going to sort this out” and stop by behaviour, and years have gone by without success. I struggle with porn, and over time I have started watching more extreme / Specific forms which is worrying.
    I am keen to get this sorted and perhaps an accountability partner, someone to discuss and arrange goals with who I know exists in real life would help. If you’re interested, let me know
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