If you won the lottery

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  1. I occasionally play the lottery powerball and I often think of what I would do if I won. If I won just a million or 2 I would save it and let it grow interest.

    But if I won the $200 or $400 million, I've thought of this alot. First I would help out my family and close, real friends. Reason being, if you riding with me, I'm riding with you. (I don't believe in charity unless it's on a small scale)

    Next I would buy a couple vehicles. Not sportscars (bc I'm too tall for them I think) but like old school (expensive) rides, you know. Only one or two.

    Then I would invest a very large majority of my money in (big) real estate and various properties. May even hire people to be in charge of it, like a buisness.

    Then as my main job, I thought of this alot. You know in hip hop you have rap artists. Well I would be a producer. There's about a handful or 2 of really famous producers. I honestly think anybody can be a hiphop producer if you listen to that kinda music and you have thousands and thousands of dollars to spend on high def equipment and spend a majority of your time working on it. The problem would be I have no income for a good while until I get good at it and make connections, but I wouldnt need it.

    I would just be kicking it w artists all day literally making music with them and then just manage large properties on the side (for the future generations of my family - in addition to the savings). The only problem is I wouldn't want to be really famous, but producers are less scale than actual hip hop stars I noticed.

    Also, fuck it, I'll buy a NBA basketball team, like Mark Cuban and Michael Jordan. Get the right management, I really wouldn't have to do anything except throw a very large sum of money up front. Watch my paper stack.

    What would you do?
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  2. u376

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    You seem to be very passionate about rapping
    Who is your favorite rapper
  3. I don't play the lottery but I almost won £1million on Super 6, I was just 2 correct results from winning it. :emoji_disappointed:

    If I did win I would give enough to my parents so they wouldn't have any money troubles and give some to NoFap and become a Premium member. I would also buy a flat, go all Apple, save some and use some to support me as I try to develop my writing career.
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  4. This. I would also do hard money lending for those trying to get started in real estate.
  5. Honestly i wouldnt keep much if i won hundreds of milions. Its too much for me and i wouldnt want it. I would keep 10 mil about and give the rest away to family, friends and charities. I wouldnt give my family too much because I wouldnt want to ruin them, just eniugh for a good comfortable life.
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  6. That's a very hard question lol Probably kendrick, jayz, kanye, tupac. One of those. There's so many different styles it's hard to say. I will say that if I was a producer or rapper I would only sign with rockefeller records (i.e. my profile pic).

    But kendrick is probably my favorite
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    tupac is my favourite.....eminem is 2nd fav.

    MLMVSS Fapstronaut

    I enjoy trading and investing, so i’d do even more of that :)

    I’d help family members with expenses and loans also.
  9. What about Lecrae? Lol!
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    I'd probably spend a good amount of money to create my own personal recording studio and good music equipment. The rest would help me financially, family and charity.

    Wouldn't mind investing in wine making or beer crafting though. Lol
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  11. Ayee I fux w/ lecrae. See that's what I'm saying, everybody has very different styles, it's hard
  12. I craft my own beer, it's alot of fun. Keep in mind this is on a small scale for me and some friends. I wouldn't mind starting an actual brewery either
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    I'd move out of the house first of all(since the fighting in my family is getting worse and more ignorant by the minute.), and i would build a couple of skateparks in my hometown(one private indoor park, and a nice public park). I would then pay off my student loans, and probably start some kind of after school program for kids or something like that.
  14. I would pay my medical bills, then use the money to live a healthy life, buy healthy food, personal nutritionist and trainer, etc. I'm not to crazy about money in general, I'm ok with being poor. But I can't handle my health problems, if only I could be physically and mentally healthy I would be happy living on the streets
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  15. A bunch of hookers and cocainne hahah

    "Not the answer we were looking for heheh"
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    What about lil Wayne?
  17. SanSolo

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    1) Buy my way into New Zealand.
    2) See to it that whatever time left in this world my 95 year old mother has is how she wants it.
    3) Buy houses for all my siblings and children.
    4) Find the people who used to run the (now closed) alternative school my developmentally disabled daughter went to. Tell them that if they have the will to do it again, I'll provide the money. It is not an overstatement or exaggeration to say that school saved my daughters life.
    5) Tell the local Women's Crisis Center to get out their wish list. Whatever is left is theirs.
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    Fuck the lotto: it's a waste of money. But this thread is about what you would do if you won the lottery and not your opinion of the lottery in general. If I won I would first hire a good financial adviser. What I wouldn't do is spend all the money on material things.
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    I'd buy an island.. and live on it. :)
  20. Septimus

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    I've thought about this a lot.

    First thing I would do is arrange for an attorney to set up a corporation which would claim the winnings. That way my name would remain unpublished.

    Second, I would seek out good financial advice and follow it.

    Third, I would create a foundation, and about 90% of the winnings would go there. The foundation would exist to give the money away.

    Fourth, the rest would go for making my life a little more comfortable. I have everything I need now, so this extra money would enable me to travel to more exotic places, and always first class! I would buy a new car and maybe enjoy some other nice things. But I wouldn't want to change my life too much, because my life is pretty good already.

    In all this, I'd aim to keep all this on the down low. Probably people would figure something out, however.

    Honestly, I think winning the lottery could be a disaster, so even though I pray to win, I'm not entirely sure that I shouldn't thank God I don't.
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