If your on the road to recovery this will encourage you to continue semen retention

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    I couldn’t agree more , I’m 172 days and copping all the Common paws symptoms . I did 60 days hard mode , then had an orgasm( not to porn, just sensation) , I’ve felt shithouse for 8 days since . I read a book on karreza and how it described the 2 week cycle after orgasm of mood swings and irritability . So the orgasm was also a bit of an experiment into how my mind and body reacted , haha Fuck I sound like a science experiment . Not jizzing for 60 days was great it definitely made all paws symptoms more manageable and I was probably a lot calmer and more positive to be around . But this last 8 days I’ve had moments I’ve been a total dick to my wife and then apologised after, and felt lazier and more irritable and it’s so obvious why . But it’s so true , blowing your load just was not worth it all . For 1-2 mins of pleasure and what 5-10 seconds of extreme pleasure and then to suffer for 2 weeks after . What a bloody joke . I’m straight back into hard mode . I honestly can’t believe how much us porn addicts use to Jack off and carry on a level of normality . hardmode with all the regular self care things like gym meditation diet really make recovery speed up and more tolerable .
    the first 110 days of my reboot I was having sex with my wife but the 60 days of hardmode I think ive progressed a lot more, my wife is also 5 months pregnant now and she’s not in the mood for sex at all which totally fits in with my complete lack of sex drive . incredible to think while my Wife was pregnant with my first child I was thinking ohhhh I just want sex with her 24/7. Now It’s a total blessing that she doesn’t want sex. The brain and mind is one vast place haha .
    Hope this post made sense. P.s My wifes an absolute hero and is so understanding and I’m so lucky to have this great woman in my life .
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