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    Hello I am an SO of a PA.
    We both have accounts on here and agreed not to read each other's journals and so far it has worked out fine until last night when I discovered something I didn't want to see that he posted. I want him to retain some shred of privacy and don't want to be policing everything. I found this post by accident while browsing another members page in order to understand the addiction better.
    My first instinct was to delete my account, however I am aware there is an ignore feature and I would rather do that if it will be just as effective considering the fact that I am really enjoying the support I get from other SO's. This isnt exactly something you discuss during girl talk at brunch, ya know? It felt good to have people in the same boat as me.
    Anyway, I did add his username to my ignore list but I wanted to know how this actually works. Does this mean I can't see anything he posts and he can't see anything I post? Does this mean that, for me , he disappears from the site and vice versa? Does he have to also add me to his ignore list in order for this to be effective?
    I appreciate any and all help on this. Thanks :)
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    He appears only as a ignored member to you, but you can still watch single postings, if you want, by clicking to read them. He has to do the same, if you want him not to see your own posts. For avoiding to immediately identify him, you can add several other annoying/spamming/crazy members. ;)
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    Like @Vandermeer says I don't think you ignoring him will change whether he can see your posts. He would have to ignore you too for it to be symmetrical. I think it means that you will not see his posts in any thread, though I believe you will still see posts that may quote him. We could try an experiment. If you ignore me (you can always undo it here) and go to your other thread here my post should have vanished but @hope4healing's post quoting me will be intact?


    I just did a test. Ignoring someone does in fact strip out any quotes in other people's posts. That's cool. You still see the rest of the post, but not the bit quoting the user you ignored. I was wrong about that.
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