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Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by Headspace, Sep 25, 2018.

  1. Blossom

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    I didn't really get to know him but it sounds like a big loss to the site..
    I wish him the best of luck in life!
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  2. overclocked

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    Happy for IGY. He might come back. I remember when he had left the community because of trolls but he returned.
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  3. Nice #respect
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  4. I really miss riffing on Steely Dan lyrics. I wish I had a chance to know him better but it sounds like he is doing great.
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  5. Dr. Jekyll

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    "What a glorious time to be free"


  6. Spandex jackets, one for everyone
  7. Dr. Jekyll

    Dr. Jekyll Fapstronaut

    Sweet music
    Tonight the night is IGY's
    Late line 'til the sun comes through the skylight

  8. IGY, i'm very sorry to notice you left NoFap, but i hope you're doing well out there buddy... We'll miss you bigtime my friend ...
    Thank you for all your support and everything you did here for so many people, including for myself.

    Be happy my friend, every day of your life, and if we're lucky enough to see you come back one day, we're here for you !
    Stay strong out there !
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  9. Like others said he was really great person, he saved me several times when I was depressed, true hall of fame nofap member. I wish him best.
  10. NoBrainer

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    Yes it is. Don't feed the troll dude.
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  11. Deadlihood

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    I don’t live under a bridge, you bastard! (I live in a dumpster.)
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  12. Meditation Monk

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    Wow, I hope whatever he does in life will bring success. Hopefully he found something better along life of him.
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  13. I was wondering why it said his account was deleted for the whole time!
    I feel sort of relieved figuring out why, but I feel sort of sad now.
    He was always supportive no matter how terrible a person I was. And now he's gone. He didn't just help me with dealing with pmo, but he talked with me about my other problems in life. If he's not coming back, thank you friend.
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  14. Moon Shot

    Moon Shot Fapstronaut

    For those of you who didn't know the real IGY, it is nothing but a loss. And now that he's gone, NoFap is emptier.

    I haven't been a member for that long, but whatever time I've been here, IGY was always there, to support and encourage and repeat, for those who needed it. A pillar for those who needed it. I attribute many of my victories to his infectious enthusiasm. I really wish he hadn't left, but that doesn't change the fact that he did. I'll miss him.

    All that's left is to carry the torch of his memory, and move on with our recovery. I wish him well, wherever he is... Farewell, my friend, and thank you @Headspace, for creating this thread.
  15. Aren't you supposed to be banned? AFAIK one of the reasons @IGY was dissatisfied with this community was you.
  16. People should use the "ignore" function. It's great.
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  17. Moderators apparently disagree with you as they banned his other account. Letting him use the other is inconsistent. It's like in GTA where you can get the cops to leave you alone just by changing the colour of your car.
  18. I'm not saying that people shouldn't be banned. But there would probably be less need to if people used the ignore function as the trolls wouldn't get attention.
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  19. So you have proof of this?

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