I'm 17 years old and I won't go to the mission if I can't complete 90 days without PMO, I'll get it!

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    I will dedicate myself 100% to NoFap, please, my LDS friends, give me tips to complete the 90 days, and yes, I already told my bishop and he seems not to care.
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    You're awesome for talking to your bishop. As they would have said on my mission (Scotland) "good on you". I left on my mission without having talked to my bishop about my PMO addiction. While I had abstained for months (maybe a year? just under?) prior, I left having felt like my endowment and my mission call was all under false pretenses and I was living a lie. I had decided that I was going to lie and when I got home and went back to college, I'd get an apartment and have my own bishop and be able to resolve things officially at that point and my family wouldn't have to know.

    A couple of days into my MTC experience, burdened with guilt, I had the chance to talk the the MTC president. Looking back, I guess this is pretty common. They had a roll or something they sent around and you signed up to meet with him. Anyhow, I confessed. I was ready to be sent home. Ready to endure the (what I thought would be) shame at my decisions and actions. But as I had been abstaining and was showing humility, it really was just a confession and I was on my way. But I continued to carry the burden of guilt and shame for a long time.

    So that's a long story to say: congratulations for doing the right thing. If you feel like your bishop isn't supporting you, know there are others out there who want to help. PM me if you want. Or reach out to others. Find a local group. Etc.

    Your heart seems to be in the right place. God knows that. He knows you. Even if you're weak, he'll help you.
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    How are you doing, @Kick Razer? Wishing you the best!

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