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Discussion in 'Accountability Partners' started by tiger_mats, Jul 15, 2022.

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    PMO affected my life very badly. My academics went down and I lost the happiness in my life. This was my case two years back.

    I did not know about NoFap back then. I tried various techniques to pull myself out of the bad habit. Many never worked. I struggled and it felt like hell. Over time, I reduced the frequency and my urge to watch P. But I was not fully clean. I still slipped occasionally.

    To my fortune, I came in contact with a very spiritual person. I attended his classes regularly. I never told him about my bad habit but the wisdom that he imparted to me brought a lot of changes in me. Back then I used to get frustrated and angry very quickly. Now I find myself calm and patient many times even during pressing situations. Months went by before I realised that I had completely stopped doing PMO. The change was so gradual that I did not notice it. I was back to being happy.

    Then the lockdown ended and so were the regular meetings with the wise person. I was fine for the next few months and I still met him though not so regularly. I believed that I now had the knowledge and capacity to restrain myself from doing the bad thing again. But I was wrong.

    I slipped back to doing PMO a few months back and I am ashamed to admit that I am still doing it. The frequency of the act is low but I am very much worried, sad and disgusted about myself. In spite of being educated about the cons of PMO, I still override my subconscious mind to perform the dirty act.

    I tried employing various filters and adult website blockers but I always find a way out. This made me realise that the filters alone will not help me. I worry that I have forgotten the pain and hardship that I faced two years back. I clearly do not want to end up like before.

    This is me now trying one more time to get back on track. I am resetting the counter today and I never want to look back. I want to start with a 90-day reboot challenge (Hard Mode). Here, I am looking for an AP who is serious and willing to start/continue the Hard mode challenge. Communication over WhatsApp or Telegram is preferred. We could check in each day and report the success or hardships of the day.

    An accountability partnership can inspire rebooters to push a little harder each day.
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    Hey bro I might be interested, I'm 23 and been addicted for a while now, made it to 190 days last year and then been in hell for over a year, I'm finally getting back clarity and the will to fight, let me know if you're truly commited to quitting all that stuff whatever it takes and if you're interested in general self development, what are your ambitions ? Take care mate, wishing you well!
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    Hi tiger_mats,
    It sounds like we're similar in a lot of ways. I'm also 19M and I've been trying to quit PMO for a couple years now. I had a 40 day streak but now I'm back to my old habits, and I want to change.

    That's really interesting that spirituality helped you through a difficult time with NoFap. I also consider myself a spiritual person and I'd be interested in hearing about your experience.

    Let me know if you want to be APs. 90 days of hardmode is a good goal for me as well.
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    Hello, I'm a 31 year old male looking for an accountability partner. If interested let me know how I can best help you. We can do 1 on 1 thru whatsapp or telegram. I also have a small group on discord.

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