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  1. Hi, I'm Srinath, how to avoid porn and masturbation?. Anybody give me some tips.

    Because in the past 8 years I had masturbated daily 3 times hence, 8 years = 8064 times I had. But in 2019 I decided to control this. I haven't decided to 'Stop Mastrubation', I had decided to control the times of masturbation. On January 10, 2019, I had to download the app called 'Stop M' from the Android app store. This app counting the number of times I had masturbated. After a few days I had masturbated once a day, once 2 days, but not once a week. So this time I decided to stop masturbation and porn. I did sell my smartphone(Now I'm using feature phone), My computer fully protected with Anti-porn, I threw all things which give me urges. But even I did masturbate Why?. I surly know i'm not addicted.
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    Hola cómo va, lo primero que nada es creer en vos qué podés y lo vas a lograr. Te recomienda primero que pruebes con dejar la pornografia, eso es lo que realmente perjudica el cerebro, con la masturbación puedes ir de a poco e ir disminuyendo a medida que pasa el tiempo. Muchísimos éxitos !
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  3. Welcome to NoFap!
    The thing is that your brain stores much data about P stuffs which urges you to relapse. So i recommend you to join initial challenges in the forum and reboot your brain to default state (approx. 90 NoFap days studies says so)
    Good luck!

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