Im a pedophile so nothing even matters

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by mAtHy0o, Nov 3, 2020.

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    There is always a solution mate, chemical castration.
    And you are right, there is no second chances for people like you.
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  2. black_coyote

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    All fetishes can be unlearned, if you are totally undoubtedly convinced that you don't need that kind of fetish in your life anymore.

    I'm a living example of this. I had fetishes I don't even want to talk about. After quitting porn for an year or so, those tendencies just dropped off by itself because I was absolutely convinced that those fetishes will in no way do myself or anyone any good.

    Every human has some dark side, it is how you deal with those demons that counts.

    Seek a therapy ASAP @mAtHy0o
  3. unnamed friend

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    Pedophilia is a mental illness.
  4. ANewMe97

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    Wow. What a reply. I need for sure to read your threads.
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  5. black_coyote

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    We are all mentally ill to some degree or other. Think of Depression and OCD. Most of us, especially addicts have these issues.

    What I'm saying is that having these tendencies doesn't mean that we are damned forever.

    What I'm saying is that redemption is possible. That these tendencies and behaviors can be unlearned successfully.
  6. SparkySub

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    First and foremost, go speak to therapist and get some help.

    Now that's out of the way, I can try and offer some tips.

    Firstly, I have 0 sympathy for pedophiles and absolutely hate them, but if you are yet to act on your desires, haven't hurt anyone and recognise it's a nasty fetish, I think you deserve a second chance to improve and get help.

    Firstly, stay committed to NoFap. That's a big help in stopping the demons attacking your mind and controlling your desires.
    I urge you to pick up meditating, and find other, more constructive things to do instead of letting your fetishes ruin you.

    Secondly, and this is really something you need to instill into your mind, all fetishes can be stopped.
    However, it takes someone to be committed, accept it's truly wrong and not something you want. If you can tick those boxes, you can escape the fetish.

    For the time being, work on filling your life with better things, stay committed to NoFap and find ways to better your life. I also urge you, again, to speak to a therapist as soon as possible, they will be able to help you out.

    Remember, if you ever act on your desires you will never have a second chance. You will be forever resented.
  7. mAtHy0o

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    Then my life was a waste of time. I should buy a gun to kill myself soon. Thanks.
  8. Deddog

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    Don't give up on your life and your goals, perhaps you've hit the rock-bottom and this is your time to rethink everything and change your life for the better. Some succumbed fully to their lusts and ended miserably - be it with child in bed, prison or even dead.

    Don't be ashamed to seek professional help - in the Internet we are just anonymous brothers who try to lift each other spirits up and share tips and stories of how to get rid of our nasty habits, however it will never replace a professional assistance from a doctor/specialist in this field if you are in such a need - the fact that you know that something is not right and you didn't succumb fully to this sin a good sign that you are willing to fight, maybe after a few sessions with a psychologist he will be able to identify the source of the problem, professions such as psychologist exist for a reason - humans are complicated machines that sometimes need a fix.

    Here is a quote for you from Chad Howse, keep pushing forward and change your life for the better:
    "It's when you start to get tired that the battle really begins"

    Good luck on your journey, it won't be an easy one however there is hope for all of us, humans are sinful by nature and on the anvil of God our metal is truly tested.

  9. ANewMe97

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    Good words! It’s never too late to redeem yourself. You know what’s the problem, and that’s a LOT! Now it’s your moment to decide what you do, you will put this bag on your shoulder alone or you search for help, maybe from a professional/therapist? Cmon man don’t give up!
  10. ThePervySage

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    I would say look inside yourself. Is there an inner child that never got to be expressed? Do you have unresolved anger? There is no excuse for sexually harming a prepubescent child. But you're aware and asking for help. That's amazing. Were you molested? We on this board have extensive sexual issues as well, i almost lost my soulmate because of mine, but we can help.
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  11. @mAtHy0o It's all good man, there are things to be positive about. I would start by deleting any CP you have (if you don't, even better) and making a commitment to never fantasize about kids again. It is VERY challenging but you can control your sexuality if you stick with nofap. You will also probably need professional help of some kind. I have been looking for a therapist myself, because it is very hard to tackle these things alone.

    Stay strong man, and don't kill yourself. You have survived this long despite the odds being stacked against you. So keep moving forward and bring positivity into your life. REACH OUT, no matter how difficult it is, and no matter how many trolls get in your way. Gotta reach out.
  12. Devilinme2

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    from my experience...those who are comfortable with coming out about their fetish and life desire generally are looking for help and’s the ones in self denial and those who may also have these urges but are ashamed of themselves and chose to violently go after those who come out and admit it
  13. hope4now

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    It's tough.. You love your fetish more than yourself or anyone else. Your ego is probably saying no effing way! I don't love my fetish at all.. Well..the behavior contradicts the value and cognitive dissonance occurs in order to rationalize the mysterious arousing behavior. The dissonance comes from shame that is inflicted by society and others and shame is the root of all dissonance. Please stop shaming yourself and choose to love yourself and grieve over your pain and heal your wounds and rise up and be a positive force to the planet and stop being the victim. Here is the conflict. The fork in the road. What do you really want? One sentence.
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  14. Nevs 2.0

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    if you truly are attracted to kids, and its not because of porn escalation and you never felt any attraction to adults then that is really tragic and unfortunate.
    But that does not mean u can not live a happy and fulfilling life, if you never act on it and never molest or touch a kid i think u deserve sympathy.
    Here are some hard truths tho you can never tell people no one maybe a therapist but if u live in the USA or some other places they will be forced to report u even if u have not
    done anything yet, so i would advise to look into that before revealing it to a therapist. There is a lot of stigma and hate towards pedophilia people will get their pitchforks when they find out or suspect someone is a pedo so just keep that in mind but you should not listen to judgements of other people only you know you and even tho you have this affliction that does not make you a monster or not human or not worthy of a happy life, its just unfortunate and i would not wish this awful affliction on my worse enemy just know that life ain't gonna be easy probably filled with a lot of self-hate and resentment you probably think why was i born this way or why can't i be normal the human brain is just weird like that.
    If you never act on this i even think you should applauded can you imagine going through life without a means for sexual gratification? that would be hell.

    You can still cope with loli/shota porn its drawn so no one gets hurts since it fictional or a sex doll like someone else said,
    get some professional help if u can and learn to love yourself you are more then what u are attracted to.

    Not all pedophiles are child molesters a lot of them have self-hate and feel cursed because of the attraction and a lot of them never act on it
    there is hope my friend you just got to learn to rise above the stigma and judgments of others.
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  15. Don't hate yourself - I have dealt with self-hate and it is the worst thing in the world. There is help, so reach out and start looking. Join an anonymous group, find a therapist, do not tackle this alone.
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  16. hope4now

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    Very solid
    Great insight and share. Spot on.
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  17. AKUNT_5891

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    How are you now Mathyoo? You can see a post by me on a thread by Little Prince.
  18. DesertExplorer

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    As you can see the majority here is very supportive and almost all of them suggest you see a therapist.

    You said you don't know whether a therapist would help or not. That's exactly what you are going to find out if you start talking to one. What's to lose? If you haven't acted on your fetish by raping someone, a therapist cannot harm you in any way. The downside is nearly non-existent and the upside is you dealing with your fetish and your suicidal thoughts.

    You must believe that there is no chance for you, but I am telling you right now that this is absolute rubbish.

    Take a moment to appreciate that you realize there is a problem. Cause there are many who are in denial and commit crimes. But you at least realize there is a problem.

    Stop listening to your suicidal thoughts and start trying to find a therapist in your area who can help you. That's a great start.

    And if you're not trolling, then stop saying to everyone who is trying to help you that your life is ruined and you want to kill yourself.

    I understand that you are here because you want to express your frustration but take this great opportunity of a place that's full of people who are concerned and want to help you by acting on the advice that we are giving you: talk to a therapist.

    And keep us updated on your progress at finding a therapist. After you find one, I am pretty sure you won't need us anymore.
  19. mAtHy0o

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  20. Glad you're still managing, matt. No one wants you to suffer. You can get past this struggle if you commit to yourself.

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